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looks like bitchslap day hasn't ended yet...

If you have Moveable Type, the best thing you can do is have your comments emailed to you. How else could you keep up with arguments that go on for days?

The Ted Rall thread is now up to 70 comments and not all of them are flames and curses! There is some interesting free speech debate as well as a debate of whether Rall is a vile prick or a festering sore.

Also, If It Looks Like a Duck is chock full of goodness, especially some astute, meaningful and intelligent comments from Asparagirl.

Fresh content coming today. I'm just debating whether to run out and get some snow shoveling supplies (salt, gloves, a shovel) or whether to deal with the oncoming storm the usual way - stay inside until it goes away, thus avoiding the hard work of shoveling and cleaning the car off.


That's why I put the "recent comments" section on our site, because sometimes somebody would say something interesting (ha!) on a really old post, and I wanted to make sure I wasn't the only one who saw it.

Of course, we don't get the trolls that you do (although we have 2 IPs on our ban list now!), even though I regularly go down to the bottom of the dam and snag for them. sigh

PS. Let me know if you want the widget that makes the section tick. Happy to send it to you.

Let's see. We can choose between "vile prick" and "festering sore". While I'm glad that "festering sore on a vile prick" isn't an option, shouldn't there be another choice?

I seem to remember at least one pro-Rall poster to that thread...:)

I'm waiting for the Rankin-Bass Stop-Motion Holiday Special, Ted Rall's Shiny New Bitchslapping, hosted by the computer-generated voice of Burl Ives:

"Have a Holly-Rally Bitchslap! It's the best time of the year!"