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Thanks from pizzaIDF.org

We at PizzaIDF would like to thank all of you who showed your support
for the Israeli soldiers. We will be throwing them a “hanukah party”
tonight of Donuts and Pizzas.

The soldiers truly appreciate the backing they are getting worldwide
from people with such different backgrounds.

Once again thanks for your support and we look forward to delivering
many more treats in the future to our soldiers on your behalf.




I think it's especially important that the IDF get support from non-Jews to let them know we consider this not just a conflict of Israel versus "Palestinians", but of civlization versus barbarism. These men and women are on the front lines of a war that is only now coming into focus, a fight between dynamism, progress and the human mind and stasis, mysticism and the law of the jungle.

Too many important, high-profile people are on the side of the barbarians. They need to know that behind that wall of primitivism there is a large population of people who do not agreewith them.

That's cool. I'm glad you guys pulled this off. I didn't donate nor send wishes, mainly because I think it would be... pretentious of me to do so.

But congratulations on helping to make some people happy.


Why pretentious?

Pretentious... because I don't have particularly strong feelings about this. I'd feel like a fraud.

Also I have no money.