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self congratulations

Yahoo has put out it's Top Picks for 2002 and Raising Hell, my other (group) site, finished at #13.

The original blurb on Yahoo: This isn't an advice rag, and it won't tell you what your baby should be doing at three months or two years. Instead, the writers present new twists on parenting with liberal doses of wry humor that even singletons will enjoy.

Thanks Mig, Melly, Pat, Ratty, Brian, Jason, and all the guest authors we've had since May 2002.

My own personal favorite Raising Hell posts: Don't Pee in the Millenium Falcon; The Absolutely Wrong Way to Discuss Sex With Your Child; and for a bit of seriousness, An Expert of Sorts.

You can view all my post by using the link in the sidebar over there, but I highly recommend that instead you read posts from the other authors instead. You will not regret it, even if you aren't a parent.

By the way, did you know I have a photoblog where I post photo essays? I'm hoping to add a snowy photo essay tomorrow.


That's awesome! Many congrats!

grooby. i dig the new photoblog.

God, I don't know how you pick your favorites from over at raising hell...there are so many good ones. Granted, almost any of them that contain conversations with your kids, Michele, are hilarious.

You make me want to walk around with a notebook so I can write that stuff down. I ALWAYS forget.

Michele, I love Raising Hell. I check it out every so often and have read most of your posts on it. The Millenium Falcon episode nearly made me wet myself:)

I'm not a parent and don't really have any intention of being one, ever - although you never know what will happen. But your posts made me, once again, wonder just what I'll be missing out on, and at the same time they reminded me just why I came to that decision. Thank you for both the humor and the seriousness.

You sound like a wonderful mother. I hope Natalie's teen years get better, for your sake, and DJ sounds like an absolute gem. Best of luck to you - and it sounds like they'll turn out just fine.