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frosty's phallic symbol

I came home tonight and Frosty The Masturbating Snowman was not alone. He was guarded by several brightly lit candy canes and two frolicking, 800 watt reindeer.

I must stop my uncle before it's too late. What if he adds something new every night? I'll end up with one of those lawns, the kind that I write nasty blog entries about.

My neighbor across the street has completed her outdoor decor and it looks as if a Lite-Brite threw up on her lawn. My cousin has adorned her yard with a giant inflatable lawn ornament that, from my vantage point, looks like Santa is re-enacting a scene from Deliverance with Rudolph.

Frosty The Masturbating Snowman Frosty and his guards

the 800 watt reindeer Phallic toy or sword of death?

On the other side of things, Booge knows how to decorate tastefully.


there is display just like this in my town. the first time i saw it was during a windy day last week and it was creepy...

ugh...I hate, hate, hate those lighted reindeer. I swear every house in my neighborhood has a herd of them.

At least there are no masturbating snowmen on my block...yet.

I saw them on a windy day too- snowmen, santas, soldiers all over town. They were all laying on there backs so you could look up their big gaping hole, yes it was creepy!

I don't get it, you live in an area that gets real snow and people are putting inflatable snowmen on the lawn???

Though, no snow is still not a legit excuse for some of the stuff I see around my S. CA neighborhood.

I do have a fond childhood memory, grew up in Granda Hills (San Fernando Valley, north of LA)....warm windy and still lots of open fields... some people would gather tumble weeds, spray 'em white, stack and decorate them as snow men. I thought it was a clever salute to our arid locale!

You should see this house up by my mom's place. A million billion lights of every kind and description, and so help me, the guy actually covers his entire lawn with cotton, to simulate snow. See, it's North Carolina, and it hardly ever snows here, and never before Christmas, and cotton waste is somewhat plentiful since it's a mill-town, and so...

He himself dresses up in a Santa suit every night and passes out candy to the kiddies in the bazillion cars that come through. He works with my stepdad, and he starts work on this display in July.

And God help me, I drive by there and gawk every damn year.