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snow job

So we're sitting here waiting for a snowstorm. This morning they were talking about flurries, then an inch or two, and now they are predicting six inches.

I love the first snowstorm of the year. What I hate is the people who think six inches of fluffly white powder signals the coming of armageddon and they must run out to the grocery store and knock each other down for the last loaf of bread.

Oh, this calls for a repeat post!

From January 19, 2002:

Big storm on the way. I'm mostly excited, I like the first snow of the year. But I would much rather have it during the week so I can get a day off from work.

So I went to the grocery store this morning - not in anticipation of the weather, I'm not one of those "prepare for the end of the world when a storm is coming" people - but because I had the urge to make steak tonight. I get to the store and there's a local reporter out there, questioning everyone about the snow, because you know how those news people love a good storm story. He was asking shoppers what they were buying, what were they stocking up on (come on people, it's 6 inches, not 3 feet!) and asking how they were getting ready for the weather. I see him approaching me as I walk towards the entrance. I'm not in a very good mood. Traffic was bad, I'm tired and cranky. I do not want to be on the news talking about buying toilet paper and water. So he stands in front of me, cameraman in tow, and throws the microphone in front of my face.

"So," he says, "What are you buying today m'am?"

I say nothing but this does not deter him.

"Are you stocking up on necessities for the first storm of the year?"

I look straight into the camera and grin.

"I'm buying Tampons," I say.

His jaw drops, the cameraman giggles and I brush past him and head into the store. Let's assume I will not be on the news tonight.

Sometimes I wonder how I've gotten this far in life without being punched in the face.


The question, really, is how these reporters make it through life without getting punched in the face. I bet it was someone from channel 5, too. I hate their reporters.

See, if that had been the Fox affiliate around here, they would have broadcast it. They rock. They're on at 9:00, so they'll put on just about anything, because nobody watches!!

one of my first blog posts was about stocking up for emergencies.

everyone runs out and buys bread, eggs and milk, because the key to surviving any emergency is the ability to make french toast.

We had our first storm in MA. It was an ice storm, we lost power for 12 hours. It was my boys 5th birthday party. My sister stayed the night so was here already w/ her kids. NO VIDEO BREAKS- 4 kids under 5! I had a lasagna, we heated on the gas grill (I did the batman cake the night before):) And yelled, "Shut the fridge" a lot.

What I love best about your blog: your ability to actually say and do the things I don't think of, don't dare, or don't think of until it's too late. You freakin' ROCK, woman!

Tampons? The reporter got off easy. There are a few worse things you could have claimed you were picking up at that store.

Homer Simpson voice
Pornography. I was purchasing some pornography!

What kind of grocery store do you shop at that sells pornography, Chuck?

My grocery store sells Maxim, which is like pornography but not.

Oh, that is a sheer thing of beauty! Here in Houston, we have a reporter you need to meet.

During Tropical Storm Allyson, when this city was under about 1 billion feet of water, this reporter asked the dumbest question I had ever heard a reporter ask.

Major Flooding - Guy gets out of the Fire Department's boat after being rescued from the ROOF of his 2 story home with the water lapping at his feet - Reporter approaches him and asks:

"Sir, does this flooding upset you?"

I thought the guy was going to hit him on live T.V.

I bet Howard Stern would have paid big bucks for that news footage. My pet peeve is all the milk being bought up... why?

Because Mike's french toast recipe calls for lots of milk.

Condoms. What the hell else is there to do when it's snowing? Oh and ben and jerry's. I wonder if people run to the sex shops the way they do a grocery store before a snowstorm. How funny would it be to see the news standing outside?

Tampons... Condoms...

I'm taking notes for the next time I run across a reporter asking stupid questions when we have a hurricane approaching.

Michele: Bravo!

I remember that post! I loved it.

You know, in 1998 there was a huge ice storm here in October, and people were without power for a week. I'm glad I didn't know about blogging then. I'd have been jonesing BIG TIME.

Oh, that's the stuff horror books are made of, Tracy!

I can't fucking wait. I am off all day tomorrow.

It's showing no sign of stopping
And I got some corn for popping
The lights are turned down low...
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow..

Y E S !!!!

Hey, were they from News 12?!!!!

How did you guess, Roe? Only someone from News 12 would hang out in front of a Waldbaums harassing old ladies about buying milk.

We don't get 6 inches of snow here in Indiana very often.

Good thing, too - people flock to the grocery stores like you wouldn't believe for just 2 inches of snow.

I have yet to see a reporter outside of one, though - but I love your response:)

That was so perfect. I'd pay money to see footage of his face.