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do not tear off under penalty of law

U.S. Wants 'Aggressive,' Multiple Iraq Inspections

Not for nothing, but it only took them an hour an a half to search and eight-sided, three-story palace. What did they do, look in the closets, have a cup of tea and leave? Nope, no monsters in here.

Did they check under the mattresses? While they were at it they could make sure that the mattress tags weren't removed under penalty of some international terrorist law.

Maybe Saddam stuck the plutonium in one of those Maxwell House coffee cans that is really a safe. You never know, he could shop at seenontv.com.

Did they check the toilet tank? I've heard of guns being hidden in tanks, why not uranium? Do you think Saddam uses that blue stuff to make his toilet smell fresh?

I mean, an hour and half just does not seem like a long time to search somewhere. If you have unfettered access, you should be taking hours to do a search. Look in his underwear drawer. Check his harems' walk-in closet. How about his humidor?

They may not find any WoMD, but they could at least come out of it with some good cigars and lacy bra or two.

Then again, to some people a cigar is a weapon of mass destruction.


Do the lacy bras you're referring to belong to Saddam? And a cigar is only a weapon of mass destruction when it's in EX-prez Clinton's hand.

Saddam in a lacy bra, LOL. That just a funny mental picture.

>>Then again, to some people a cigar is a weapon of mass destruction.

In that case, I hope the UN doesn't discover my stash. Of course, it being in my humidor, they'd never think to look there.

hee @ the coffee can. My husband and I were watching this yesterday, and I said, "ooo! Maybe they hid stuff in a fake mustard jar!" He looked at me like I'd suddenly grown two heads. (It's just nice to know someone else thought the same thing.)

I think these quick trips are the setup. After a while the Iraqis will expect the quicky, then comes the real dig, at a site we REALLY want to explore.

Or, we have good intel about these sites and the inspectors are only looking at the parts of the sites we've identified. No need to search the entire palace if we've pointed out the hidden rooms.

I'm very confused at the whole thing...
No, it doesn't look like the UN Inspectors are looking very hard.

Could it be that they already know & have the evidence they need and are just being polite so they can get out of Iraq alive... or are they just trying to appease the US: "Okay, we'll check the closet & under the bed... will that shut you up???"

Some places they're looking long, some they're not - setting up the return trip angle Chuck thought about.

Naturally the Shrub says its unacceptable -- he and Cheney don't want these inspections, they never did. Any excuse for war.

I love that they're complaining about the Iraqis NOT giving a hassle.

Which is it, Georgie?

Oh, and I love the smear campaign against the inspectors; I heard this would happen, and lo and behold, on Monday night, some self-styled pundit was on CNN saying they're not trained to do this.

Again, this is all orchestrated, except Saddam is playing nice, and it's pissing off the Shrub and the Chickenhawks.

You know, really, they need to make the inspection team up of teenagers. Nobody searches like teenagers. Especially teenage boys when they think there might be porn...

Driver: 'Y'know, sometimes I just snap, and I just got mad, and...and....

Pee Wee: 'What?'

Driver: 'I cut one of those 'Do Not Remove' tags off a mattress'

Pee Wee: 'I always thought that was a stupid law'

Driver: 'The law? Don't talk to me about the law'

Pee Wee: 'Yeah, pah. THE LAW'

What's the relevance of this, man. I dunno...but it's Tim Burton, and Pee Wee's Big Adventure rocks. So there. Um....yeah.

Back to political matters, then...

Um, don't they have the, um thingy that counts the geigers and stuff? That tells them if the plootonium is in the house? I think. Once, I got food poisioning, and it was hidden in all places but some food! Somebody should tell those guys to check the fridge.

that's what i was thinking. if somebody's carrying a geiger counter, they should only have to really search any place that starts clicking.

Inspection: Since the US and UK "know" Iraq has WoMD - put up or shut up, guys. Pass on the intelligence to the inspectors, let them prove Iraq has all the bad stuff you claim. If they find the weapons, then the UN can take action.

Now, what if after lots of searching, no WoMD are found? And then the US says "we know they have them" - well, why didn't you actually get off your butt and help the inspectors find them? Or maybe Bush, Cheney, et al really don't care if Iraq has weapons or not, they just want to get rid of Saddam Hussain.

Inspector Clousaeu: Are you hidding a boomb in there?
Iraqi Guard: A boomb?
Inspector Clousaeu: A BOOMB! Kato, search the premises! I will not be made a fuel by theese peeple.

It's just a very graphic demonstration of what Bush was saying all along: the UN inspections are basically meaningless, because the UN doesn't mean it.

Wait 'til Saturday, nay-sayers. That's when the sparks will start flying.

Look, we know he has WMD -- we didnt' get them all in '91, and then the inspectors left in '98.

The key, though, is that he hasn't even tried to use them since the war with Iran (the Kurdish use is still debated, though I fall on the side of the argument that says he did use them on the Kurds). Why? Because he knew he was dead the instant he used them.

Now with threats of war, who here thinks he'll still not use whatever he has, since the idiot-in-chief insists on regime change (iow, dead or war crime trials)? He's a smart man, not insane. Using the UN is the smart move, but it should be done a tad differently.

Unfortunately, with 1,000,000,000 muslims in the world, they make up a sizeable chunk of the UN these days, and getting them to take down Hussein isn't their number one agenda, considering our Administration's bullying tactics -- which will only come back to bite us in the ass.

In the future, when everything ends up in the shitter because we've screwed it up worse than ever, the neo-cons will use the excuse that we didn't intervene in the world enough using the ridiculous Bush Doctrine. Mark my words. We're headed down dark roads here, since the Middle East won't all line up in a row for us like the Chickenhawks seem to think will happen.

Did the inspectors find mustard gas in the fake mustard jar?


They found mustard gas, but they knew it was there from the prior inspections. The problem is that they can't account for the tons of the stuff we know was produced and never used.

I did like the news that the palace had poems in honor of Saddam written on the walls in gold leaf. While children starve.

Scott, you're assuming that Saddam is making rational decisions. He's not. Saddam is the principle proponent of a pathological ideology which motivates him to do things which look insane to people like you and me. Some of these things would be a threat even if we didn't declare war on him.

Read the linked story. Here's a teaser:

"No leader, not even a highly ideological one like Saddam, is unfailingly guided by his belief system. Ideas are not everything. All leaders bide their time, looking for opportunities, looking out for themselves. But in the current argument over what do to about Iraq and Saddam, ideas have been treated as if they were nothing. The argument has been over weapons of mass destruction, unilateralism vs. multilateralism, and nuclear capabilities. Very little attention has been paid to what Saddam wants and what Saddam believes--which is like analyzing Hitler without reference to the ideology of the Nazi party or Lenin without reference to communism.

"The CIA and the State Department might think otherwise, but we are not all game theorists. Human beings are not all rational actors carefully calculating their interests. Certain people--many people, in fact--are driven by goals, ideals, and beliefs. Saddam Hussein has taken such awful risks throughout his career not because he 'miscalculated,' as the game theorists assert, but because he was chasing his vision. He was following the dictates of the Baathist ideology, which calls for warfare, bloodshed, revolution, and conflict, on and on, against one and all, until the end of time."