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I may be sleeping already

Been working on the Vanities thing all night, except for that part when I tried to help Natalie with her algebra homework and realized that I still don't know anything about algebra, and then that other part where I tried to help DJ with his Yu Gi Oh! game and I realized I am way out of touch with whatever the popular thing is out there these days. Whatever happened to Power Rangers? I liked that show. They didn't have 50 dollar card deck sets that your kid just had to have. They just had that kung-fu action and Lord Zed and Rita Repulsa. I think I had a crush on Lord Zed.

And think It's past my bedtime. Stay tuned for COV#11 tomorrow morning.


Ugh. I purchased some Yu-Gi-Oh! things for my nephew (for Xmas of course). I don't get it and not getting it makes me feel old. :(

I think the second movie killed the Power Rangers... Ivan Ooze was just too cool.

the wee-elf is getting the evil Yu Gi Oh cards for the holidays too. They're not allowed to bring them to school, so he and his friends are drawing little copies of them on scraps of paper to play.

Power Rangers are still big with the four year old's. Power Rangers and Spiderman were the halloween costumes of choice for all the four year old boys at my son's daycare this year. But instead of having to buy 50 dollar card decks, you have to buy the 100 dollar virtual reality battle zone and 70 dollar megazord.