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Christmas lights TIPSters: the hubcap tree

My TIPSters are out in full force. I have several promises of amazingly tacky Christmas decoration photos to be sent to me in the next few days.

Meanwhile, TIPSters John and have come through today:

John, of Cold Marble Musings passes along these picture that he took in his neighborhood (did I mention that John is a fantastic photographer? Spend some time at his site.)

Street of lights: there's a whole slew of pictures here including flamingoes, crabs and a hubcap Christmas tree!

And reader Carol sends along a site I already linked to, but I failed to mention the lighted Dr. Suess Land.

Keep the links and pictures coming!

Also, the Bloggerville Favorite Christmas movie third place prize has been awarded to Nightmare Before Christmas.

Thank you to all who obeyed voted.

While we are on the subject of Christmas, I would like to make a confession:

I like fruitcake.


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I love fruitcake. Especially slathered with butter and accompanied by strong coffee.

OH, I have a fruit cake here from inlaws I can't GIVE away!

Fruitcake, if it's made correctly, is the most amazingly wonderful thing in the world...I'm right there with Bill--tons of butter and a big huge cup of coffee...yummy.

Fruitcake, if it's made incorrectly, makes a wonderful doorstop. :D

I like fruitcake too, as long as it's not real "heavy." And I have a recipe for a nice one that starts with a box of cake mix. If you want it, just contact me and I'll dig it up and pass it along.

Fruitcake rules! I've heard though, that there is actually only ONE in existance and it just keeps getting passed around. Well, I blow THAT conspiracy theory...I EAT mine:-)

OH...don't like fruitcake, but looking at the lovely pictures of all the christmas lights made me think of a great read, "Skipping Christmas" by John Grisham. Came out about this time last year. If you haven't read it, it's a great, realatively short book...HIGHLY recommended.

ok, fruitcake/lead weight/door stop up for grabs. Expires in Nov. 2002!!!! :)

I meant 2003!!!! sorry!

At the risk of "me, too!", I love fruitcake, too!!!

I used to be able to eat fruitcake, but for a while I was involved with a Polish/German woman, with whom I spent one Old-World family Christmas. I ate so damned much fruitcake-like stuff that I can no longer even comtemplate the notion...

OTOH, those folks really know how to eat for the holidays -- and I thought Americans had the upper hand, what with the Thanksgiving head start. Boy, was I wrong! [urp!]

Well, I was all set to submit a photo of a Christmas Display Nazi in the Indianapolis area, but I was humbled to the point of speechless with the Baltimore exhibit. Wow... I'm simply in awe.

If you like fruitcake, the ones these boys make are to die for.
And as for their chocolate bourbon fudge...more than two pieces and you should not be driving.
These guys are my kind of monks!

I love moist fruitcake...and if it's soaked in rum, it's perfect. Yummy.