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protesting idiocy

Any New York bloggers up for a little protest?

Thierry Meyssan is coming to town. You remember Mr. Meyssan. He's the flaming French asshole who wrote 9-11, The Big Lie, in which he claims that the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC were concocted by the government and that an American missile, not a plane, hit the Pentagon.

Our little French friends made the book a best seller over there for three months.

Meyssan, an activist with his own left-wing association called the “Voltaire Network,” says he did not actually travel to the United States to investigate his theories, but had researchers working for him. He said much of his book is based on public documents, newspaper articles and the Internet.

Sounds like his references was Ted Rall, Michael Moore and a bunch of conspiracy sites. I'm willing to bet more than a handful of Indymedia trolls will be there applauding this cretin.

I've got a box of rotten tomatoes ready to go. Who's joining me?


Damn, I wish I lived up there. I've got a back yard full of rotten oranges. (They are 'native' Florida stock, bitter as hell. I use them for sauces or marinade sometimes, but they are useless for eating or making orange juice.)

Nice and pulpy though, and nicely covered in green mold... just like his mind.

It is too bad the media just wouldn't ignore this guy. Have him give a press conference and nobody show up.

I'm in. When's he in town?

Suggestions for posters and chants, anyone? Besides "cheeseeating surrender monkey, go home!", that is.

They haven't set a definite date yet. But the tour starts in NY, so if we give him a hard enough time maybe he'll just shut up and go home.

Awwww yeah....
Time for a BEAT DOWN!!!!
And he's French too? I'm coming home for this one, BAY-BEE!

I think we should all just wave white flags at him.

I don’t live in NYC, and Meyssan’s book isn’t in the local Borders, but if it shows up, I might open up a copy, spill some coffee and brownie crumbs into it and misfile it in the Embroidery section

You’re right about the indymedia trolls – they want this book..


You know... I know at least one blogger who saw a P-L-A-N-E hit the Pentagon with her own eyes.

I still think this guy is nuts for going to NYC for a book tour.

When is he coming? I have a whole produce drawer overflowing with presents for him.

Offal-eating smelly fucker!

Right on, Michele. I knew I could count on you.Not to mention a few of my Hells Angel and Gambino-family pals as well. The guy is doomed.

Well, I can't be there physically, but please do toss a nice wet messy one for me!
Asparagirl - how do you like the sound of "Cheese eating surrender weasel"?
That fellow is the worst bloody moron!...


Right on, Michele! I would do it myself, if I didn't live on the opposite side of the country.


Here's a far better suggestion. Invite some NYC firemen and police and everyone else, and when the idiot begins to blather, turn your backs and walk out. The picture will be worth more than a thousand words. It's what Americans do. We refuse to listen to BS.

Ahh, if only I lived closer... and didn't have work and school... and thought my car would make it from Colo to NYC... plans are underway for a suborbital rotten tomato launcher, however. If I could just get that targeting system from VRWC HQ, I could make it happen. BOOM! Splat! HEH heh. OOH! here's an idea... get some of them Green Bay Packer Cheesehead hats and stick little French flags in 'em, make sure you get up close and start singing our national anthem REALLY LOUD! With the surrender cheese monkey signs and the white flags of course!

Michele...as a New Yorker whose sister barely escaped the WTC as it collapsed, please count me in to throw some rotten tomatoes and scream at this French fucker.

You may not know what day he'll be here, but I'm sure you'll smell him coming... heheh. Fuck the Frogs! I'm there!

"Fuck the Frogs" indeed. Why don't you pull your prejudiced head out of your ass.

This so much reminds me of the olden days on usenet...

Scott: Pot. Kettle. Black.

...ain't it fun?!

Um, just a thought for the righties in the audience...do you realize this guy actually helps your cause? I'm a lefty, and I'm embarrassed that this guy is getting media attention for his conspiracy theories when plenty of legitimate leftist concerns aren't. But, since he IS getting the attention, it'll reflect on the left as a whole and make us look even more addle-brained (not that we've needed much help lately), and so help the right look more sensible than us.

Just a thought. But yeah, the ignoring idea sounds best. The guy doesn't deserve the attention of either side.