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Why Saddam must go

From the Britisish dossier collected on the brutal regime:

Methods of torture include eye gouging, piercing of hands with electric drill, suspension from ceiling, electric shock, sexual abuse and acid baths. The torture is not limited to adults. There are first hand accounts of children being tortured by the regime, including one two year old girl whose feet were crushed by soldiers while the intorregated her mother.

There was the woman who was tortured while her children were made to watch; cigarettes were put out on her body and she was beaten and thrown about the room.

Women's heads have been cut off in the street. Babies are taken away from women who will not submit to demands.

Executions are carried out without due process of law. Relatives have been made to pay for the bullets used for the execution of their family members.

Male relatives are allowed to kill a female relative out of honor without any punishment.

Raping female political prisoners is a standard practice of the regime.

Between 1987 and 1988, at least 60 Kurd villages were attacked with mustard gas, nerve gas or a combination of both.

Penalties for criminal offenses include branding and amputation, including amputation of the tongue.

Need I go on?

How do you appease a regime like this? How do you reason with them? Most of all, how can you trust them?

The answer to all three is, you don't.

And you don't wait until the moment they decide they want to exact their way of life on you before you go after them. You do it now, before it's too late, before any more innocent Iraqis are tortured, before more children are beaten, before more men are starved to death in holding cells.

You don't wait until they launch the weapons of mass desctruction. In the name of democracy, in the name of future peace, in the name of all those tortured and killed every day by a ruthless leader you do it now. Before they come for you.

update: From reader Sondra, a very graphic, very depressing site dealing with the March 1988 Iraqi chemical attack on Halabja.


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Here is a piece on one man's experience at the hands of Iraqi guards.

Can we just TRY one last chance at reasoning? Like, maybe send PETA in to talk to them?


Did you just use PETA and reasoning in relation to each other?

Actually, I think E wants to send PETA in and THEN bomb.

Oh! In that case, somebody start a rumor about suffering of the Iraqi Oil-Skunk, and get PETA over there!

send PETA in and THEN bomb.
Well, I was thinking of sending in French Ambassadors before that...

I don't know, all those horrific tortures you wrote about, and my mind drifted off to PETA for some reason. Uhm, that's a normal reaction, right?

This U.N. inspection delay is a joke. Why? Because the U.N. is a joke and Saddam is a tyrant. We should have gone to war with Iraq months ago. What in the hell are we waiting on?

ENOUGH ALREADY! If no one else will do it, I will deliver Saddam to the gates of Hell myself! Where's my sword?

How do you appease a regime like this? How do you reason with them? Most of all, how can you trust them?

These are all good questions. Perhaps Ronald Reagan, Bush I ,and Donald Rumsfeld could answer them for you.

Nice picture of Donald shaking hands with Saddam don't you think? This is circa 1982, when the Reagan team began "good relations" with Saddam, who years before was labeled "a terrorist".