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Feed the IDF: thank you for participating

The time has come to send all the donations over to pizzaIDF.org so they can get the pizza and soda and donuts to the soldiers for Hanakkuh.

We raised $1,090 dollars for the cause. That is going to make plenty of soldiers very happy, not to mention full. If you haven't donated yet and had intended to, you can just go straight to the pizzaIDF site and donate through them

I'd like to thank Tanya for doing all the legwork on this cause.

Thank you a million times to everyone who donated, everyone who linked to the original post and everyone who couldn't donate, but sent along messages to the soldiers. You've all done a wonderful thing.


We at PizzaIDF would like to thank all of you who showed your support for the Israeli soldiers. We will be throwing them a “hanukah party” tonight of Donuts and Pizzas.

The soldiers truly appreciate the backing they are getting worldwide from people with such different backgrounds.

Once again thanks for your support and we look forward to delivering many more treats in the future to our soldiers on your behalf.