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cause of the week

Weblog Action Center Cause of The Week:

Support our servicemen, brought to you by Kathy Kinsley of On The Third Hand.

I was going to start something like this as soon as the Pizza for IDF cause ended, but I'd rather not step on Kathy's cause. I'll just help her out by supporting it. She's done a great job collecting links to different ways you can send support and good wishes to U.S. servicemen during the holiday season.


I'm liking this. Particularly the "Adopt a Platoon" and the one where you can send a serviceman a phone card...

But how much would a guy need to call home from the other side of the world?

My Husband and I (he is a Marine, not yet deployed) just recieved our "Marine" from the ADOPTAPLATOON Program today!
Heard it was going to take a while to get the information. It didn't. Only took about two weeks!

Support Our Servicemen!!!