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religious correctness gone mad

One more thing on holiday decorations for today.

I may be an atheist but I love the holiday season and I love (tasteful) decorations. When I walk through any local town here that has a Main Street or a downtown area and see the lights on the store windows or the bright ribbons on the street lights or the menorah in the town square, it makes me feel good. This season brings such warmth and joy, even when I am stressed about gifts and bills.

So please, for the love of God, literally, stop complaining about religious decorations. Who the hell cares how many angels are in front of Town Hall? Who cares if there is a menorah in the Post Office? It's a freaking holiday, people. Just because the decorations are there doesn't mean somone is forcing you to observe the holiday they represent. You don't like it, stay in your house until New Years and shut the hell up. Stop putting a damper on the holiday spirit just because you have a bug up your ass about a religion that's not yours.

I'm talking to you atheists, too. Is it really a problem for two or three weeks out of the year to let people have their damn decor? It's not on the same level as posting the ten commandments inside of a courthouse; no one is claiming that by stepping into City Hall you automatically must abide by the tenets that the angels represent.

Let your festering bitterness towards religions other than yours, or religion at all, take a rest for the remainder of the year. Ti's the season whether you like it or not. Don't use your damn causes to take the joy out of the holidays.

People really need to stop taking themselves so seriously. They are taking all the fun out of this world.

Bah, humbug.


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Thank you! I'm a little sick of all the hooplah myself. Whatever happened to Christmas just being some highly commercialized event? Puhleeeze! Most of the religious symbolization is gone from it. Let's just join together as a community and enjoy each other for fuck's sake (See? I kept God out of that one!)

You can have all the decorations you want, but tone down the noise pollution that some stores call holiday music.

Jesus, does that stuff reek. The music sucks by definition. If it was any good, they'd play it all year round.

I'm with Laurence. I enjoy Xmas for the most part, but Jaysus do I hate that damned "music." It's vile. Horrid. A crime against humanity. It might be appropriate for the Siege of Baghdad...hmmm...now there's an idea.

First we get angels in front of Town Hall, then we have a manger in front of the courthouse, and next we'll make everyone worship Christ at gunpoint! Muh ha ha ha!

Jeez... it's one extreme or the other eitherit's "too religious" for some, or "not religious enough" for others.

Considering historians and theologists acknowledge that Jesus was born sometime in the spring, and Dec. 25th was yet another Roman Holiday adopted by the Catholic Church, I'm not too keen about "putting the Christ in Christmas" anyway.

A time for children (and the young at heart) to believe in magic and miracles, and "Peace on Earth, Good will toward Men"...

Is that TOO MUCH to ask for????

And if you're a CEO or a StockHolder: 4th Quarter yielding profits...YEAH!!! Well, maybe that's the "magic & miracles" part again...

The fact is that celebrations around December 25th have predated Christ. Many deities were born on this date. There's a good reason for this. On the winter soltice the sun stops it's apparent decension, remains for 3 days, and begins it's journey upward (rebirth) on the 25th. There is a natural depression that people feel as the days get shorter and shorter that has nothing to do with holiday pressure. For this reason, anything that helps decrease the gloom is welcome. IMHO Christianity, and commerce, has done a good job with brightening winter. While I wouldn't put a Christmas CD in my car, I do find that the music in the stores adds to the spirit. They do not play it all year, but have you heard the other musak that is played the rest of the year. Any change is good, at least for a while. And while I'm not a Christian, I say celebrate however you want, where you want, when you want.
I think I'll have a cold one now to celebrate . . . uh . . .December 2nd, yea!! it's finally here!

Seem to falling into some of that political jargon over here as well... kinda sad really cause it really is the kids that lose out in the long run... they are the future after all..

Religion = Controversy

That is why I believe in a God but no organized religion.

My CC is paid up now. Can I still buy the IDF some donuts and pizza or is it too late?

YAY! I agree. The rest of the year I would rather not deal with it, but at this time of year, I need to feel warm and fuzzy and it ALL works for me.

Christmas has been ruined by retail anyway. Why mess with it even more by fighting angels and menorahs?

The alternative would be switching to the communist incarnation of Santa, Father Frost.

I prefer Santa.

aaak! i'm an athiest born and bred, and i still have all my lights up (tastefullly, thank you) on the tree and the house. it was pagan holiday before anything else, so if somebody else wants to have a creche or a menorrah, more power to them. it gets dark early - any sparkly winter lights are welcome.

...but i can't spell...

Oh forchristsake (ha) get over it people! So WHAT if you don't like it!!! I'm stuck looking at my neighbor's neon baby blue house with rainbow bricks ALL YEAR LONG. SO WHAT. I am a pretty far right pagan and have no problem that some people consider my holiday to have Christian roots. THEY get to believe that. My neighbor across the street has much of the same genre of decorations as I do and she's a hard core Christian. I get a chuckle out of that. I have even begun compiling my annual christmas music CD that I will play more often than my husand appreciates and actually enJOYS eventually. Sometimes just for fun we head out to Walmart and observe how wonderful the world is that all these people get to exist. What a sad boring world it would be without them. I send out far too many Christmas/Yule/ Solstice cards than I can actually afford and giggle with glee all the while signing them with my pretty gold and silver pens. This is the time of year when I hang up all my hang ups somewhere else and experience a little good cheer. It really pisses me off when people want to ruin everything. I'm even looking forward to my other neighbor and her dollar store decor. You all just may get a picture if she'd hurry up! It makes me laugh and that's a great thing. Get over it and just try. Maybe a hot buttered rum will give you a jump start.

I am what somebody else who commented here would call a hardcore Christian. And you know what? I think Michele rocks.