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you would even say it glows

Only 12 hours into my month long war against tacky Christmas decorations, and one of the TIPsters has already called in a behemoth.

Melissa at Pointy Ears sent her dad on a mission to take pictures of his neighbor's giant, glowing bible and he came through. Go here to see the pictures.

Thanks for being a good TIPster, Melissa. Everyone else, get those cameras out and start scouring your neighborhood for violaters of the good taste codes.


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If you go to the archive "(Go here)" her links point to the archive page with no image, at least not for me. Go to the main page "(Pointy Ears)" and click on the "Christmas Bible" link. You will either be awestruck or dismayed, depending on POV.

eap...forgot the script on the archive page...that will be fixed in 2 minutes mutters and wanders back to check mail for the neighbor's house

Oh, but I wish I had a picture. I'll try to describe the horror though...

We discovered this last year at Thanksgiving, while visiting family. A guy in the town decorates his lawn and his house with no fewer than 50 of those tacky plastic light up figurines - he had snowmen, santas, candles, and who knows what else. The rest of his house was covered with colored lights. I bet his neighbors want to kill him. And where would someone store all that crap the other 11 months of the year?

We drove by it again this year. Same thing. It's like trying to drive by an accident without looking. My fiance, though, says that driving by only encourages those people...