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track 2 is for terrorist boarding only

The Bizzaro World legal system, brought to you by John Ashcroft.


Oh that is such bullshit! (Treading lightly 'cuz I'm not too sure where you stand on this.)

This gives the Government the green light to go after anyone suspected of terrorism (or should I say "Enemies of the State" pun intended), and put them away in any way they see fit...

"You, we don't like you... we'll get you as a suspected terrorist, that'll show ya!"

We have the 4th amendement and all sorts of statutes and legal procedures for a reason. No one wants to see scumbags like Massasoui (sp?) and John Walker Lindh hung by their balls on the 6:00 news for all to see more than I do...

But this is a dangerous road we're heading, where people must :"prove their innocence" behind closed doors.
I know wherof I speak. *COUGH*

Brought to you with the full compliance of the Senate Judiciary Committee (pre-Democratic takeover) which confirmed both Ashcroft and Olson. Get used to it; this will happen again and again now that Hatch is going to be running that committee again.

The laws and procedures talked about in the article were not pulled out of John Ashcroft's ass yesterday. They are the result of years, make that decades, of legislation and legal rulings created by both Republicans and that party that controlled congress for 40 years straight.

We have to watch the government every single day, not just when our political enemies are in power.

i hate that a part of me thinks this is a good idea. and that i'd like to be the one with the hot pliers going "the defense rests, mr moussaoui."

Ooh... hot pliers!
That reminds me of "History of the World Part I"....

Guy on platform: "What do we do to people like them?"
Someone in the crowd: "Shove a live snake up his ass!"
Guy on platform: (pauses to think) "No... but that's very creative."

Come on guys, Ashcroft is the greatest attorney general ever . . . for me to POOP on!

Jezus folks, we have an Attorney General of the United States that doesn't give a squirt about the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. If he could get away with just throwing them out he would, but that's not possible from a PR standpoint. Yet.

I voted for dubya but I'm having second thoughts about it, because he is ultimately responsible for this goon.

me: John Ashcroft takes the Constitution and the Bill of Rights very seriously. He has devoted is life to upholding them. He is a relegious man who takes his oaths seriously. Everything mentioned in the article has passed muster in the courts or will have to pass muster in the courts.

There can and should be serious discussion about what powers we allow the government to have. Talking about John Ashcroft as if he was acting outside of the system is just a way to avoid serious discussion.

Ashcroft is shredding the Constitution. Open your eyes. Religion does not combine with government, case closed. Did you know he's holding what are, in essence, mandatory prayer meetings at the DOJ?

Yeah, he's a peach.

I can't tell if you're serious or being sarcastic Michael.
That whole anti-terrorism bill he (originally) helped to draft (wire taps without a warrant, well, basically anything without a warrant if you're a suspected terrorist) would have thrown the entire 4th amendment out the window... (That's the one about "search and siezure" for those playing at home)

Ashcroft is very scary, and just a little too powerful, if anyone asks me.

Ashcroft is bugging me a lot lately. This is probably because, as I said above, I voted for Bush and I'm a little taken aback at his choice for Attorney General. I gave him the benefit of the doubt but I'm starting to get a little scared here.

I don't care about his religion or whatever but think about this: if Ashcroft gets his way, any one of us, citizen of the United States or not, can be declared an "enemy combatant" and shipped off to Gitmo or some brig somewhere, held without a lawyer or contact with anyone else, held indefinitely with no charges filed and no trial, and released only when the "War on Terror" is officially declared over. When, pray tell, will that ever happen? (And, as an aside, I seem to have missed when it was declared too. Probably because it's hard to declare war on a tactic).

Conservatives are supposed to believe in limited government, constrained by the Constitution. Ashcroft does not believe in this. Ashcroft is not a conservative - he's an authoritarian.

The biggest problem I see with the argument and some of the comments here is the blurring of two issues. There are only 2 US Citizens mentioned in the article. Those two people are the only ones that have a constitutional argument here. I'm concerned about citizens being declared enemy combatants and not given due process, but as for non-citizens being prosecuted and deported without 4th ammendment protections, tough shit. The 4th ammendment doesn't protect them. Like it or not, the constitution protects the rights of US Citizens, not the rights of everyone on US soil, even if they are here legally.

What have we here? Dissent?

Yes, you are absolutely right about me... I live to squash dissent. In fact, my Imperial Stormtroopers have traced all your IP's, and we are sending legions of Elvis clones to 'deal' with you and your families.

Have a nice day... or else!

Aren't you a little short for a stormtrooper?