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buy nothing everything

I would like to thank everyone for particpating in Got It, Spend It Day. It was a rousing success. We sent quite a message, didn't we?

Let's hear it for consumerism!


Damn. I couldn't participate. Or, does decongestant count?

Drugs definitely count, baby!

Just as long as you're sticking it to The Man!

i did my bit - six pounds of ribbons and bows in one shopping trip.(you wouldn't need any glittery curl-tie, would you?) i made a pretty healthy dent in my present money and i'm not even past the 3 family birthdays in december, let alone the xmas pile.

I want to thank all of the readers who contributed to my profit sharing and bonus by helping my employer attain our largest single day in the company's history...


We couldn't have done it without you...

I figured I had to make it count -- something that would make those behind the "buy nothing" take notice (or failing that, would at least maximally irritate them).

So I bought a gun. And several hundred rounds of ammo. :)

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