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meat is murder. but not cop meat. that's activism.

The more I read the posts at Indymedia regarding the cop killer who posted his confession there, the more my stomach turns.

First up, Emily:

(I put it in the MORE link because it was just waaaay too long)

Sigh..once again a man tries to make a statement about how shitty this country is and everyone hates him. WAKE UP. Sure, killing isn't cool...but how the hell else is anyone going to pay attention to what he has to say?

How else? Maybe he should have gotten involved in those things he hates in order to affect change. Run for city council, work his way up. Did this guy really think that the world was going to stop in its tracks and head off in another direction because some cretin killed a cop to send a message?

Why can't u people look past the fact that he shot someone (which our wonderful government officials and police men do EVERYDAY and then get glorification for it) and realize that although his tactic was bad, his intentions were good. All he wanted was to spread the awareness about how shitty our state-of life is, and he sure as hell did didn't he?? He certainly got us to listen, even though it was at the sake of someone else's life. But isn't that how America always gets its way, by destroying lives until that particular country or whatever it may be gives in?

First of all you dimwit, when a cop kills someone that is say...robbing a bank or pointing a gun at them or robbing little old ladies for crack money, it's called justified. Shooting an innocent husband and father who is doing nothing more than filling up his gas tank is ludicrous. And please, let's not compare one freak with a gun to a country protecting democracy. The killer of that cop wasn't protecting anyone or serving anyone excpet his own dillusions.
If anything, I'd say he was one hell of a citizen! He was doing exactly what all the bigs guys in the white house do, but I guess they got a little jealous because someone figured their plan out. I mean, think about it...haven't you all just wanted to kill that asshole boss or snotty teacher, but didn't have the balls because you'd get in trouble? YOU are the cowards. YOU are the ones who are afraid to stand up for what YOU believe in, and not what your bibles and officials and kings tell you to. OPEN UP YOUR FUCKING EYES AND REALIZE THAT WE ARE NOT FREE, THAT WE ARE CONSTANTLY CONTROLLED BY AN OVER-POWERFUL, UNFAIR GOVERNMENT.

Emily, you are a fucknozzle. The difference between wanting to kill someone and actually doing it is the difference between a lowlife bastard and a person with a conscience. Coward? Me? Hardly. Only a coward would think that the only way to get someone to hear him is to take another life. If he was truly brave, Andy would have killed himself instead, leaving a note that the suicide was due to the horrid state of his world. What better way to send a message than to give your own life for the cause?

From Doc Beard:

Well, all thisa shows to me is there are alot of angry people out, there.
The question is why are you angry?
Is it because an innocent cop has been killed?
Or because our lives are so controled that you can no longer buy a piece of clothing without it being made in a third-world sweat shop?

Hmm..let me think here, Oscar. Where my sweater was made or an innocent person killed to make an assinine statement.

Yep, it's the murder I'm pissed about.

From a tin foil hat wearer who calls himself Reefer Madness:

The King County Jail said an Andrew Hampton Mickel of Olympia was booked April 20 for obstructing a public official. Mickel was released by the court April 21. "

April 20, 4/20, 420, get it?

Hmm, I wonder if our perpetrator is some kind of genius at manufacturing conspiracies. Ut oh spaghettio, could it be that this is all a manufacture of the Illuminati, like 9/11 was?

Ah yes. The dreaded Illuminati. They sure are a busy bunch, what with planning 9/11 and all. Hard to believe they have the time to murder a cop, pin it on a dumb fuck of a kid, all to discredit the loony left. Yea, that's the ticket. Asswipe.

From Siobhan:

Some ask where we would be without police... I believe innocent people would not be killed for no reason and then have the cops blame THEM for it...

I believe in anarchy No rules No Government No Masters of anykind... Contrary to popular belief Anarchy is not chaos and is not the worst form of government ...

Anarchy can work if we don't have stupid fascists bossing us around... We could just do what we want... and to keep some sense of order...There might need to be one rule:You may not fatally injure or kill another life form

Ok, bright light. If you have just one rule but no government or masters or policemen, who is going to enforce the no murder rule? Let me tell you miss anarchist - if we had the nation you so desire it would end up looking much like the world every bad post-apocalyptic movie and in all of ten minutes you would find yourself chained to a big badass named Bruno who will make you his bitch for the rest of your unfortunate years.

From a Mr. Straight Zipper:

Next time, kill us a fucking Senator, or Pentagon Chief of Staff, or even the President, for fuck sakes!

Useless fucking bastard.

Let me guess, SZ. You're a straight edge vegan, right? You wouldn't kill an animal for food because the poor little animal has feelings and rights, but a human? Sure, kill a human as long as he doesn't think like you! Don't look now, but your priorities are showing. And man, are they ugly.

From Nessie:

I, for one, am beginning to wonder if this entire incident is not a total fabrication. We have only the governmentís word on this thing. Thatís not good enough. Theyíve lied to us too many times. It is entirely possible that an innocent cop was murdered in cold blood and an equally innocent patsy was set up to take the fall. Thing like that happen often. Usually itís about money or love, but sometimes it is about politics. This is more than just a crime, itís politics. In politics, almost nothing is what it appears to be on the surface.

It is entirely conceivable that it was set up to discredit the global justice moment, and IMC in particular. IMC has many enemies who also use three letter names. Then thereís the Mossad. There are more, a lot more, but you get the picture. Every one of them has a long history of sacrificing pawns to achieve tactical advantage. Every one of them is ruthless, amoral and armed to the teeth. Every one of them is suspect, or should be.

Wow. Is everything in the world a fabrication or conspiracy to these people? IT seems like they came up with a good way to deflect any responsibility for the actions of activists who do things in their name. Just call it a government cover up.

I could do this all day, but I won't. I'm getting too aggravated and I think I'm going to follow in Nikita's footsteps and start drinking.

Oh, and I've just added Indymedia to my Christmas list. I'm going to every single one of their posters a spelling and grammar workbook. I think the 4th grade level ought to do.


I just read the comments on the Indymedia link and found them deeply disturbing. It's become clear that, however much today's "progressives" talk about peace, love, and the children, their real motivating force is hate.

Of course, this isn't true of all of them. Many leftists and liberals still mean well, especially the older ones--they don't understand how the content has changed beneath the label to which they give their allegiance. People who are not in contact with the current campus environment, and who are entirely dependent on mass media for information, really don't understand the full horror of what is going on. We all need to think very seriously about the best way to communicate with them.

If you want to protest, march, yell, carry a placard, or write letters. If you kill someone, you are nothing more than a garden-variety murderer and deserve to be treated as such.

How about we not make generalizations about progressives passed on this murderer? Icertainly don't think all conservatives are like Jennie Taliaferro.

That should have read "based on this murderer."

Randy...I agree we should not generalize about "progressives" based on this murderer..there are whackos in every group. What concerns me is the chorus of approving comments that seem to have greeted this action.

I agree with David. I don't think I made any generalizations in my post. I'm just astounded at the amount of people who will come out of the woodwork to defend a killer in the name of activism.

What happened to the peacenicks?

I just found this piece (via Instapundit):


It's well worth reading.

I guess we should call this asshole a "Manson Democrat"...

"We were gonna start helter-skelter by killing some white people and blaming it on the blacks..."

The people leaving those comments are NOT indicative of the left's point of view. They are extremists, like the murderer himself, PETA, white South African separatists, the ELF, Christian Fundamentalists, the KKK, and Al Quaida. Extremists. They don't represent what the vast majority of the liberals in our country believe in or support.

They are just drawn to Indymedia because of its leftist bent and its AFL/CIO style of live & let speak, no matter what.

So after reading fuckwit Emily's ideas, I guess if someone expresses the courage of his convictions by shooting ... well, let's just say "on her street," she'd think that's OK.
Let's all return to the Clinton Administration where the ends justifying the means was A-OK because bien pensant elites and 'progressives' agreed with those ends!

I've never liked the term "fucknozzle." But here, it's completely appropriate.

This is just a variation on the Big But of Moral Equivalency we heard after 9/11. Murder of an innocent is committed in the name of some "cause," and afterwards the New Left can't bring themselves to simply condemn it. Andy McCrae engaged in domestic terrorism, pure and simple, and the people of Indymedia do less than nothing to speak out against it. Many of them use their anonymous postings to sarcastically call for more.

While I agree this mindset does not represent the Liberal spectrum, I believe it does represent the New Left, as propagated by Indymedia, and these appear to be their tactics.

Until they say otherwise.

amazing, isn't it, how we should not judge this mass of liberal idiocy for what it is--liberal idiocy. Self expressed liberal idiocy to boot.

these people are NOT liberals and don'represent blah blah blah

And communism works, its just that everyone's been doing it wrong