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of underwear and christmas

When you have kids in the house, disease spreads like widlfire and bounces back and forth between family members the entire winter. Today is my turn with the Disease of the Week: the monster head cold.

I'm off to Aunt Jo's funeral now and I imagine after that I'll spend the whole day in front of this computer, complaining about the world at large, though I am preparing my annual Christmas list posts; holiday movies, mix cd's for the season and tasteless Christmas decorations awards. I always take suggestions, so start thinking about the above and what would be on your list, and if you have any links to horrible holiday decorations, please let me know.

I'll be back after paying my respects to Aunt Jo and silently thanking her for all those gifts of underwear on my birthday when I was little, and the '73 gold Plymouth Duster she gave me when I was 20 and proceeded to crack up in an accident.


My condolences...
(For both, your Aunt, and your head cold).

My thoughts are with your family today.

On another note - you are so not allowed to be sick anymore!!

Going to Chicago tonite.Need anything from Chicago Comics on N.Belmont?Something to cheer you up?

x-mas mix? did you ever do the halloween mix?


My advice: start drinking now.

You have never truly blogged until you've dipped into the "liquid thesaurus." The posts just roll off the keyboard, boy.

The only problem: reading your own blog the next day. Most day-long drunks aren't recorded down to the minutist detail - unless you're a blogger.

Now you know the secret of my site! Happy holidays! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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