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I'm thinking of starting a notification list for when this blog is updated. My pings to weblogs.com don't always go through, and not everyone uses blogroll and gets that neat updated feature on their links list. Is anyone interested in being on such a list? Should I bother?


Hell no! I think EVERYONE needs to use Blogrolling. I'm a bit biased tho ;-)

I use blogrolling. I also check in several times a day....okay, okay! Several times an hour. You're not gonna take out a restraining order on me, are you?

I'd sign up for it.

Ya know, Michele...
If you don't want me coming here 5-6 times an hour, you can just say so. :0)

Fine... I'll wait PATIENTLY for your email...
(When your numbers drop at least 80 hits less a day, don't come running to me.)

Bloglet is an excellent notification list. I'd suggest using it.

A notification list would be nice! I'd still use my blogroll a lot, too, so Jason needn't fret. :)

the notification system is nice, but it depends entirely on remembering to send the things off. i used to use it, and had some sign-ups (i know - i was surprised, too), but never remembered to send them a notice.

I'd be game. :-)

it works for me . . .

. . .especially if you'd refer to a post of mine once in a while!! (. . . kidding . . .)

sure - new content alert from a small victory would be a good thing

Well, those of us who are really addicte...er....I mean...DEVOTED...check regularly anyway...so...I don't think you probably need to go to that effort, unless it fluffs your knickers...then go for it!

Would you mind just calling me or mailing me a letter when you update? Thanks!

Yes!!!! I'm liking Joe's idea...
We punch in our phone numbers and you call us all to notify us of every new post!

Hell, your site IS updated every time I come to it...

You know, clicking on "blogroll.com" . . . nice little family website. I wonder if they will be able to handle the increased traffic?:)
Perhaps "blogrolling.com"?

I know, I know . . . nit picky...

Wow. thanks for picking that up. Even Jason, the proprietor of blogrolling, didn't notice.

Ooooohhh...Jason...he's so dreamy....

{the preceeding was brought to you by www.blogrolling.com}

save on postage

you can just send me a postcard

you could get, like, some "a small victory" hot-red stilletto postcards printed up and everything . . . hey i think i'm on to something here

I don't use blogroll. I'd love to be on the list, but I already check you out every day anyhoo.

I use blogrolling.com. It's really easy to use and extremely convinient. But that's just me. I probably wouldn't sign up for a mailing list though. Considering the amount of junk mail, the email could get deleted, by mistake. And anyways, I come here a few times a day, so I don't need an email to tell me about it.

Well, it seems like I have a lot of stalkers readers who check frequently and/or use blogrolling, so the idea has been nixed.

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