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from the peta files

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The fine folks at PETA are now playing the terrorism card, which shouldn't suprise anyone being that they are an organization that uses mental terrorism to coerce young people into going vegan. No, that is not an overstatement. Anyone remember the Burger King protests? Well I do, because they were at my local Burger King, handing out paper crowns to kids; crowns covered in fake blood with what looked like entrails dripping from the points. Nice, eh?

Now they are hanging posters and airing commercials that equate people who eat meat with terrorists. The poster reads:

"Do exactly as we say and nobody gets hurt. Resist and innocent creatures will be beaten, scalded alive, and dismembered and their throats slit, while countless people are poisoned at random by food laced with deadly bacteria.

It has nothing to do with terrorists, although it may appear that way, and everything to do with turkey.

The TV spot says basically the same thing while it shows a group of store employees and shoppers cowering while a voice on the store's speaker system reads the above lines.

I have a problem with people who put the lives of animals above the lives of human beings, and that's basically what PETA does on a consistent basis, so much so that they don't care about frightening children or making a mockery of the heightened state of nervousness in this country in regards to terrorism.

I eat meat. I like meat. I do not blow up office buildings to get my hamburgers. I do not kill thousands of people at a time to get my steak. Yes, animals are killed so I can eat. But they are animals. Not humans. Does anyone from PETA realize what this earth would look like if we never killed animals for human consumption?

Eating meat is not terrorism, not even close. My pork chops do not bring down civilaztions. My bacon does not cause mothers to bury their children. I do not strap on a grenade belt every time I eat a bologna sandwich.

It is the mindset of extremists that everyone should follow their law of the land, everyone needs to think like them or at least be coerced into doing so. This is a free country and as such, what I want to eat for dinner is my choice, nobody else's. I'm not shoving a slab of meat in your face, don't shove your tofu turkeys in mine or my children's.

Kiss my carnivore ass, PETA



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look, here i am, a mostly vegetarian, confirmed liberal, agreeing with you.

peta goes too far. i find them offensive, and find their tactics to be a form of violence. i also happen to feel this way about most extremist advertising- for example, anti-abortionist factions who print posters of mutilated babies in trashcans, and so forth.

i agree with peta in theory but not in practice. i do not agree with the pro-life folks. however, a small piece of me respects the extremists on both sides. they help to highlight important societal issues. sometimes i think we need the wackos to keep the rest of us (on both sides of the political spectrum) focused.

No. Really Michele... what do you think of PETA? I don't see their need for such sensationalism to get their messages across.

Wanna REALLY piss 'em off?
"Oh. I always thought that stood for People Eating Tasty Animals! OOPSIE!"

You can have my hamburger when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers.

Actually, I prefer veggie sandwiches, but PETA is just a band of fanatics.

What a bunch of fuckwits! Oh..."and, let's throw Jesus imagery in for good measure!"

Isn't the best way to get people to listen to you idle threats (or should that be idol threats?) and nastiness?

Nimrods. (See? I can get biblical, too!)

When foxes eat chickens, the number of chickens decreases. When people eat chickens, the number of chicken increases. When people stop eating chickens, the number of chickens goes to zero.

Were PETA able to fulfill their program, it would result in extinction of chickens, turkeys, cattle, pigs, etc. Not content with mere killing, PETA aims for genocide.

The veganazis of PeTA know no limit to their extremist agenda, and their recent stinking pile of propaganda proves it.

As far as I'm concerned, those numb-nut nimrods can kiss my meat-eating ass.

I guess if you've never read what happens at a slaughterhouse, or even on a farm for that matter, PETA's poster looks extreme. The problem with the meat industry is not that they kill animals for meat. The problem is that they fatten up their animals through unnatrual means, forcing them to eat food they aren't supposed to eat, to take chemicals that they aren't supposed to take, and to live in crowded areas and eat their own shit. Then they get to die after living a meaningless life.

It wasn't always this way, folks. If you owned a cow because you knew you'd be eating it, you'd take care of it, not feed it as much crap as you could as fast as you could. The meat industry today treats animals as products or commodities, period. They aren't farm animals, they're reduced to the same qualities as, say, this computer, my pants, or the crap that the newspaper has become. You may not personally do any cruelty to animals, but by buying that filet mignon, you may as well have. Instead of doing it yourself, you simply paid someone to do it for you.

I repeat, I do not think its wrong, intrinsically, to eat animals. But to do all the things the industry does, so they can profit off their evils, that's wrong.

Wednesday there was a PE-TURD in a turkey suit limping around our Main street on crutches...
A creature so stupid that it could drown itself in a rainstorm may find that funny, or in this case, an effective message, but those of us who are Not PETA members find amputee/ parapalegic humor to be in bad taste.
So would the turkeys, if they had the ability to think at all.

PETA are terrorists. Maybe they're not blowing folx up, but they use scare tactics to get their message across.

I'd like to see changes in the food industry, but I don't see myself ever giving up steak. Or resorting to the idiocies that PETA and like organizations use.

If God didn't want us to eat animals, why are they made out of meat?

Heck, if I WAS vegetarian, the shit PETA pulls on a constant basis would make me go full-bore meat-lover.

As it is, I'll have to make do with promising to skip the veggies for a month and order bigger steaks instead. Or better still: Venison and veal. Kangaroo isn't too bad either. Oh and baby seals... Yummmm!

I think you hold too much inside. You should learn to release :)

You know, it's reached the point where I just don't have the energy to pick on PETA anymore. I lack the energy. I just turn them off and look away.

This is probably an irresponsible attitude on my part. These people need to be vigorously criticized--in a responsible, thoughtful manner when possible, and rudely now and then to emphasize the point.

Good on yer, Michelle.

PETA bugs the crap out of me, but we don't get the whole full-visual treatment where I live. Instead, we get the enviro-nazis of the Earth Liberation Front, PETA's soul-brothers. If these people really want to make a stand, they need to practice what they preach... PETA homeboys need to not use any product containing animal products in any way, including things such as inks and paper products, the makeup used in their commercials, etc.

Self Righteousness and extremism is truly odious, whether it comes from the left or the right.

Guess I'll have to double up on the servings of Smoked Manatee Ribs, Grilled Panther Tenderloin & Buffalo-style Bald Eagle Wings for the football cookout this weekend. Top 'em off with a side o' Deep-fried Otter Fritters & wash them puppies down with a nice, cold brew. Mmmmmmm..... I'm salivatin' like Pavlov's dogs.

Michele -- not sure if you saw My PETA anecdotes. Working where I do, I see 'em all the time.

Thanks Michele. This made my blogging day soooooo easy. My 3 readers will be stopping by for the above Comments, I'm sure! :D