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for me to poop on

I'm sitting here at work and there are about three people in the entire building. It's quiet as a morgue except for the clacking of keyboards, and those keyboards belong to Bonnie and I, and what we are typing has nothing to do with work, but with an email exchange about fecal matter and something called National Poop Day.

At home is a nice cozy living room, a sick husband who needs love and a quiet Friday night waiting to happen.

Guess where I'm going?

Spoke too soon. More work. No home. Oh well.


Nobody likes a quitter. You deserted me! Get back to your desk! LOSER!

Yeah, working holidays sucks.

And I'm just going ON shift.

Kill me now...

aw, man. you have to work on black friday?! that bites. makes me want to get shitfaced and take "hooters for hanukkah" pictures in sympathy. but i have to get the lights up first.

Speaking of fecal matters:

I suspect that this may be something that is only truly amusing to dog owners.

I figured today would be a good day to get some noisy work done in our lab. There were only about 150 people in the entire building which usually holds 3000 and most of them were watching a football game in the cafeteria.

I had to drill 12 holes in the floor to bolt down some server racks. I had finished 4 holes when I heard someone beating on the door. It's a good thing we have electronic access control and no windows. I drilled two more holes and I heard him REALLY beating on the door.

So, I opened the door and casually asked the red faced fellow if I could help him.

He was not casual, I think he was very pissed off about having to work today. He asked me what the hell I was doing and bla bla bla bla and couldn't I do this some other time?

I told him that this was about as empty as the building gets and Yes, I have to do this now but if he had a problem, my VP was right down the hall.

Now, I'm a nice guy who tries to go along to get along so I held off on the rest of the drilling.

About ten minutes later my VP comes into the lab and asks how I'm doing, I show him the racks that I have done and tell him about the angry man and his reply was priceless...

"Yeah, he came and complained to me. Drill one more hole and go home."

I like working for that man.

We should have days like that more often!! What a great day it twas! What is sad is that we shared poop jokes more than sexual inuendos - sad, very sad.

I liked the W club song on Sesame Street because W is truly a grand letter -- FOR ME TO POOP ON! Also, the Power Rangers are a might team FOR ME TO POOP ON because they kick evil's butt on the television, although they are ficitonal characters. Those false sons of bugaboos, I'll poop on them!

Once a good site FOR ME TO POOP ON, always a a good site FOR ME TO POOP ON!