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Carnival of the Vanities on tour!

Carnival of the Vanities is going on tour, and I'll be the first stop. This coming Wednesday, December 4, A Small Victory will be hosting COV#11.

For info on how to join the COV, see here.

If you haven't already sent a submission to Bigwig for #11 and you want to participate, please send to me at michele@asmallvictory.net. The sooner the better, as I have to read through all of the entries first. I know Bigwig ususally makes the deadline Tuesday evening, but we have basketaball that night, so I would appreciate it if you would get your submission to me by Tuesday morning, if possible.


Well, it wouldn't be a true Carnival if it didn't make the rounds.

I don't have to dress up like a clown, do I?

Do they even make big, floppy clown shoes with spike heels?

You guys are putting bad ideas in my head.

Yeah, like we need to... ;)