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flipping you the bird

carcass.jpg mmmm.....turkey carcass

And how was your Thanksgiving?


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how very lady-like of you.. :-P

That looks like a porn movie gone horribly ary!

That looks like a porn movie gone horribly ary!

That looks like a porn movie gone horribly ary!

I'm feeling strangely aroused!

My Thanksgiving? Nonexistent. Oh how I miss Thanksgiving.

That's just disgusting.

Until I remember the great Turkey soup I'm gonna make outta ours! Yum!

Nice carcass, but Geez, doesn't anybody eat the turkey skin in your family? What's wrong with you people?
My brother and I once came to blows about who entitled to the best section of the skin (from the breast meat). He chased me around the house with the carving knife after I made off with his portion.
That was the same Thanksgiving that my mother mistakenly got unpitted olives and Ritz crackers. The olive pits got launched all over the place and the Ritz crackers became miniature frisbees.
Those were the days.

We had a Thanksgiving order of cheese fries and steaks at Lone Star. Ah, the joy of tradition.

David Lynch just got an idea for another movie.

What Statia said! LMAO!

LMAO at Pearl's memories
Ah Thanksgiving as kids - those were the best!

What a huge, gaping maw. and where are the porno acrots to complete the scene?

Yuck - not something to look at the day after. Especially when my Thanksgiving consisted of watching porn with the in-laws. Don't ask

Billy! Surely there are other US expats around? One of my best Thanksgivings was spent in Thailand.