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thanksgiving - when the skeletons come flying out of the closet

The great thing about family get-togethers is that you always find out some deep, dark secret in the course of the dinner converstation.

My Aunt Anne let one slip this year, and I have found the root cause of my fear of burning to death: When I was little, my younger sister Jo-Anne tried to set me on fire by lighting matches and throwing them in my hair.

So today, when I found this out, I punched her in the arm and gave her a black and blue. There's no statute of limitations on sibling abuse is there?

Don't listen to anything she says in the comments, she's just in a state of denial.

Back across the street for the second round of dessert now.


Ohhhhh! Michele! I feel that.....ouch! My sister ALSO tried to set me on fire as a child....with a flaming marshmallow. She was swirling it around and around on the stick, trying to put out the flames (silly kid), when the marshmallow.....still burning....came flying at me, hitting me in the chest! My shirt started burning....my skin was singed....OUCH!

Mmmmmm toasted marshmallow...

Oh sorry, I'm missing the point here aren't I..

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Doesn't that make locking you the closet seem perfectly harmless?

Not particularly, Lisa. And I still haven't forgiven you for breaking my Bay City Rollers album.

I'll get even with you. You would be wise not to hand me a microphone at your wedding. :)

My sister tried to set me on fire too!! The same exact way - lit macthes to the hair. One fell on the rug and started to burn and I got her back by running and getting her "blankie" and put the fire out with it!

Okok...confessions of an older sister...

My younger was a total pain who loved to punch me over and over again until I retaliated, where upon she'd run to mom who would yell at me that momism:

Stop hitting your sister. I don't care who started it, you're older and should know better.

So, how did I retaliate? I wrote on the wall in the den forging my sister's style of printing so revenge was visited on her by mom who disbelieved her protests that she didn't do it.

Thankfully, adulthood has cured us both of this weird rivalry.

Now, I have these four daughters.....

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