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one for the road

Furthering the constant state of nervousness:


Yesterday at approximately 4 p.m. (EST) North American Aerospace Defense Command received unverified reports of what appeared to be a contrail of unknown origin in the vicinity of the Turks and Caicos Islands in the Caribbean. Initially, it was reported to be heading northwestward toward the United States. Commercial airline pilots later reported the contrail over Florida and later over Indiana. Thereafter, no other sightings were reported.

NORAD scrambled fighter aircraft from several bases in an attempt to intercept and identify the source of the contrail. No visual or confirmed radar contact was made with the source of the contrail. NORAD continues to investigate these reports. NORAD is coordinating with the FAA to determine any further information on the nature of these reports.

I don't know what this means, but I don't like the thoughts that are surfacing in my brain.

Right now on FoxNews they are talking about surface to air missiles and reports of them being brought into the U.S., or that they may already be here.

I'm headed across the street to my parents' house now. Family, friends, football, lots of food and lots of alcohol. Just what the doctor ordered.

Of course, it's only across the street, so don't be surprised to find me back here at some point throwing out more paranoid thoughts. Feel free to slap me at any time.

If you get a chance, go over and say happy birthday to Robyn, a person who is very high up on my list of friends I am thankful for. She's turning the big 30 today. Life begins at 30, folks. Don't ever doubt that.

(view the "card" I made for Robyn)


I predict that the first Israeli airliner that is brought down by a shoulder to air missile (what this prob was, IMHO), will result in each and every Arab airliner being declared 'fair game' by Mossad agents 'out in the wild', and rightly so.

We'll see how those al Qaeda mopheads and their Arab apologists and supporters feel after a few thousand allah-worshipping 'pilgrims' are shot out of the sky on their way to Mecca, hmmm?

Remember that al Qaeda remains highly popular in Arab countries, just like Hitler and the Nazis found similar support while they were unleashing hell upon the rest of the world.

And like the Nazis, they're all going to end up in Hell as well.

It's space aliens!

Santa Claus on a beer run?


Dr No

You know, strange as it may sound, I actually saw this yesterday afternoon (or another just like the one(s) they reported); I noticed it while we were driving across the open plain on I35 in Kansas. It was impossible not to notice. It was huge -- thick -- white -- as straight a line as you'll ever see -- the longest contrail I've ever seen -- from horizon to horizon.

Not too long after I noticed it, I saw another, considerably smaller one being "drawn" through the air right beside it. My first thought was "they've sent a fighter jet after it."

Strange, no? Anyone else see this?

We saw something similar on the Fourth of July - A huge contrail, and then two smaller contrails, one on the side of the first and one following the exact path of the first. We assumed fighter jets were going after something, but we never heard anything about an incident.

Well... It's obviously not a MAN-PAD, seeing as how it travelled from the Caribbean to Indiana. ICBM? Don't really think so. True, Fidel MIGHT have a few that we don't know about (though it's very unlikely) or it could be launched from a sub, but I don't think that anybody would want to waste their "surprise" hardware on a trial run. Plus, it would've come down somewhere.

Which leaves us with? Hell if I know, but it sure is strange.

Re-entering space hardware, probably Russian from the reported path?

But it's good they're watching and responding...

Actually, Troy, that's probably what it is. WE have tons of shit floating around in orbit that we've forgotten to track, so I don't even WANT to know how much old Russkij space junk might be out there.

Nothing on radar, guys. Let's out the space debris therory, I think.

Area 51 stuff? B-2?

I like Santa heading home from his vaca in the warm Carib to get ready for Christmas.

I second the Santa idea. He was just taking Rudolph out on a practice run, that's all it was.

A very belated thank you on the card -- that was AWESOME!