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so long, and thanks for all the underwear

Oh yea, and I have to go to a wake tonight.

My Aunt Jo died. Everyone has/had an aunt like her. The one who rearranged your cabinets every time she came over; the one who gave you undewear on every birthday; the one who parked her car fifteen feet from the curb every time.

Aunt Jo lived to her late 80's and worked up until the day she found out she had cancer. She lived a full, happy life for the most part.

I'll miss her.

I really should be attempting to bake right now. Or at least headed to the bakery. Why am I still sitting here?

And more importantly, does this font suck?



I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, Michele. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts today. (and sit all you want. The pies can wait.) ;)

Also, the font looks suspiciously like verdana to me. (which doesn't suck, it's nice and easy to read) Did I miss something?

Thy font, it sucketh not.

Sorry to hear about your aunt Michelle =(

As for the font? Ya, looks like verdana to me unless you're using something funky that no one else has ;) And it looks fine to me!

oh no - not aunt jo. aside from losing a dear relative, you are now in danger of running out of white cotton underpants. deepest sympathy.

Sorry to hear about your aunt, hon. I raise a glass in her honor now....

My sincere condolences on your loss, Michele.

Your aunt is with God now, however, free of the burdens of this world.