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giving thanks

Let's try this again.

Today is Thanksgiving. Let us be thankful.

My family, the heart and soul of my life force. My husband, my children, my parents, my sister Jo-Anne, her husband Lew and their son David; my sister Lisa and her fiance Rob. I am grateful to have all of them in my life for many, many reasons.

My best friends, Barbara and Bonnie, who make life more bearable in those tough times and who make the good times full of laughter.

The friends I have made through this space on the web; I wish I could name all of you but I would be here all day. You have each touched me in different ways (no, not like that, you perv).

The enemies I have made as well, for they have taught me a bit about humility, patience and tolerance.

The Vast Right Wing Conpsiracy of blogging, for taking me in so willingly.

This country and the freedoms that come with living here.

The men and women of the armed forces who defend those freedoms for the rest of us.

There are so many other little things I am thankful for; the things that make me smile, the things that make me laugh, the things you take for granted sometimes.

I'm thankful for sunsets that turn the sky into a surreal painting. The colors of autumn that so often take my breath away with their beauty. A job that I love and bosses who make my job enjoyable. People who bring me pleasure and laughter in different ways - the authors of all the books I read and the artists and writers of all the comic books I obsess over, the musicians and singers whose music I listen to.

I'm thankful for tequila and coffee flavored ice cream and baja chalupas and grande frappaccinos; pinot grigio wine and waffles smothered in butter and syrup and filet mignon wrapped in bacon; digital cable and cable modems and networked computers and movies on demand.

And you. Every person who reads this site and comments here or sends me emails. This blog has kept me going through some rough times; not just the writing but the encouragement from all of you. I have learned a lot from my readers and the people whose blogs I read. I have laughed a lot, too. You guys are good company. Thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the U.S.A. and peace and love to everyone else.

First round is on me!


I would have touched you like that if I had found my passport in time, darnitall!

As Supreme Evil Overlord, I decree that every time you watch the news, you must then come back and read this list.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Ha! There you have it. A direct order from She Who Must Be Obeyed. So, keep this post handy, missy. Remember who loves you.

And remember, if you don't eat turkey, the turkey wins.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bless you, sweetie, and those you love.
So where the hell is my drink?
Oh...*there* it is. Never mind. Have a great weekend!

Tequila and coffee flavored ice cream?? Is that a new Ben and Jerry's flavor??

Happy Thanksgiving, dear!

THANK YOU MICHELE!! Love you lots!!!!

The emphasis should have been on the "YOU" part of that - can I bold here? Not sure how.

i am thankful for you.