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i've got a bad feeling about this...

I got up today expecting to make a nice little post wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. First, I looked at the CNN site to see what I missed overnight and my heart sunk.

At first I thought it was another attack in Israel. Then I read it carefully.

Two attacks. One in Mombassa, on an Israeli owned hotel.

A missile fired at an Israeli airliner.

And then the words that made my hair stand on end: Al Qaeda.

He said about 8:30 a.m. local time a vehicle pulled up to the entrance of the hotel and the men inside fought with security officers. The men were able to get past security and drove the car into the hotel reception area.

He said one of them men blew himself up in the lobby while two others set off explosives packed into the car.

About the same time, he said, a light plane flying overhead dropped at least three bombs in the direction of the hotel and beach nearby.

A London Muslim cleric who supports Osama bin Laden said that Islamic militant groups sympathetic to al Qaeda warned of an attack on Kenya one week ago on Internet chat rooms and in e-mails.

A radical London-based cleric suspected of links to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida said on Thursday he also strongly believed the militant network was behind the car bomb and missile attacks. “It is definitely al-Qaida or a militant group that supports it. They have mostly attacked Westerners because the Israelis are difficult to reach but Israelis are their priority,” Abu Hamza al-Masri, who the United States suspects of links to al-Qaida, told Reuters.
"This is their way of showing their commitment to Palestine.”

That bad feeling I had about this holiday weekend has suddenly tripled.


Oh no. I wonder if the terrorists behind these attacks are connecting Israel with America and attacking on Thanksgiving to hurt us both? Or if it's just a coincidence? Maybe it has to do with the start of the inspections in Iraq. Maybe I'm reaching, but I'm sure they're aware of the significance of this date & their anti-western stance makes me take it kinda personally, in a citizen of the USA sense. And because I've got family ties to Israel I shudder every time I hear about another attack there. Now Israelis & Israeli interests in other countries are being bombed...and I have the feeling that Al Qaida has something bigger in their arsenal. Israelis may be their main targets, but in the eyes of Al Qaida and similar groups Israel and the US are one and the same.

I'm frightened, and sad, and I hope there isn't any more horrible news this Thanksgiving. Ever, really, but we know that's the pipe dream to end all pipe dreams.

I've got a bad feeling too.

But try to have a happy Thanksgiving anyway. :)

oh my god, michele, they fired a missile at a passenger plane. my brain can't even process that correctly. i think i'm ready to be scared now.

Look how fucking incompetent they are...I'm terribly sorry for the 8 who were killed (fuck the terrorists, may they rot in hell), but it could have been SO much worse.

And they missed the plane with the missiles...missed. We knew they were going to do this, we know exactly what we're dealing with, we know they have the tools and we also know they are uneducated animals.

The return to complacency we feared has happened, but not as bad as some of us expected. The events of today, whatever they turn out to be, will be the final wake-up call. No more hitting the snooze for us. Time to kick Islamofascism back to the Bronze age where it belongs.

For the pilot's description, it sounds like they fired an unguided rocket. A homing missile would fly up the tailpipe of one of the engines and explode inside.

The odds of damaging a modern jet with an unguided rocket are almost zero.

They won the battle, don't let them win the war.
Terrorists do not try to change policy directly. Their only desire is to instill extreme fear, hence the term terror. From some of the posts here, they have been allowed to achieve their goal. The visitor from Iran, if he has returned (probably fled when he realized you got his IP), would be celebrating in the streets to see the attacks succeeded in causing fear in America. Any terrorist seeing that their actions were successful will be encouraged to do more. Don't give them the satisfaction. Fear is a natural reaction, but one that can be overcome. Just ask anyone who has been in the heat of battle.
To borrow from the silly saying "turn that frown upside-down", let's "turn that frown into a grimace". (Sorry, I am older than 8)
Now it's turkey time!