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one more time, with feeling

If you're looking for something funny, go read death by wax. Don't stay here.

Are you tired of this delinking thing yet? If you are, don't read ahead. Oh, this is not about me this time.

This time it's Wilde, a person whose site I have linked to for a while. You need to go there and read the whole story.

The person who delinked him is also a person on my blogroll. To say that I am stunned by her response to him is putting it mildly.

Let's get some things straight here. Just because you are registered in the name of one particular political party does not mean you hold all ideals of that party to be yours. Also, Republican is not another word for Conservative. The two are not always mutually exclusive.

Take my boss, for instance. He is a Democrat who also happened to run in the last election on the Conservative line also. Yes, he is a conservative Democrat. He is pro-Israel, pro-war and a host of other things not normally considered Democrat.

I am a registered Republican. I am pro-choice, pro gay-rights. Not things you usuallly think of when you hear the word Republican.

So, to dimiss someone because they are a democrat and you are not is to be blinded by labels. The delinker wrote in an email to Wilde:

Given you latest outburst as an attempt to censor me on my own blog ("don't call Dimocrats that") and your avowed personal goal of trying to restore the Democrat Party--something that is anathema to me and and the aims of my blog--I'm IP banning you and delinking you. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.
Given your avowed loyalties and purpose--which I have no interest in aiding or abetting--I have no choice.

I don't see how linking to someone from a different political party aids or abets their agenda. To me, that smacks of an oversized sense of self-importance. I, for one, hold no dreams that my blog is somehow going to have an impact on any election or any political movement. If I thought that by linking to others whose goals are anathema to mine would somehow be helping them achieve their goals and I delinked them, my blogroll list would be very short and my daily reading would be pretty boring.

Also, banning the IP of the offending blogger serves what purpose? All I see in that action is someone saying "Not only will I not link you because you think differently than me, but I won't even allow you to view my site. We don't serve your kind here." My stomach did a small turn when I read that she blocked his IP. Doing something like that only perpetuates the notion that bloggers are moving towards building cocoons. I have a feeling that if the delinker keeps it up, she will be all alone in her little place, with no links out on her sidebar and no one allowed in.

It was this line in another email to Wilde that really threw me for a loop:

We are at War--as much with Liberals as we are with Islamist terrorists. Your side is, unfortunately, the Enemy.

While I often take liberals to task on this site, I in no way feel I am at war with them. I do not view them as the enemy, but rather as human beings who just happen to not share anything in common with me - politically. That was a harsh statement on her part and one I want to separate myself from, as a newly annointed member of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy.

See, this isn't just about blogs. It's about life and connecting on different levels to other humans. It's about understanding, debate and healthy arugments. It's about seeing all sides of issues and even if you never change your mind on an issue, at least you can say you listened, you read, you learned. You made an informed, educated decision when you took the stance you did. Sure, opinion - especially of the politcal variet - are all about guts and heart and soul when it comes down to it. But the brain controls them all. If you don't use your brain, your opinion means fuckall in the end.

Wilde is about as liberal as I am religious. Which is to say, not. The blogger in question obviously did not do her homework before she kicked Wilde out and locked the door on him. She said in one email:

Wilde, I'm sorry you took so long to make an answer--which I regret to say I'm really not interested in reading.

How can you pass judgment on someone and not even take the time to know the person you are passing judgment on?

You can say "it's only blogs," but it's not. Behind each blog is a person who feels every cut and sting another blogger or reader throws at them.

As much as I may make fun of liberals on this site when dealing with political issues, I still remain friends with many of them. We share tastes in music and movies and books - there are so many more things that make up a person's personality besides their ideology.

I sound like a broken record, I know. But it doesn't seem like anyone is getting the point. We may fight each other's beliefs, but we shouldn't be fighting each other. I am not at war with the anti-war left. I am engaged in sparring and debate and yes, maybe I do show contempt for their actions, just as they show their contempt towards me for driving an SUV or not wanting more gun control. But at the end of the day, I can still sit there and talk about music to the person who was just calling me a gas guzzler. As I often say to my son, "Just because I feel that your microwaving that ant was bad, that does not mean I think you are a bad person."

Separate the politics from the person once in a while. Get behind what you see at face value and look around. You may find you even have things in common. But for the love of humanity, people, at least try. At least know who you are condemning before you condemn them. To do anything less than that is not only unfair, it's completely and utterly wrong.

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Yeah, hrm, I thought that's what blogs were all about: life, connecting at different levels, understanding, debate, healthy argument. How silly of me. For some, blogs are actually just for ego inflation, bullying, and generally making someone your bitch?

Wait! Blogs are the new strap-ons!
Now if we can just talk these kids into using some lube.

Cocooning? It sounds more to me like these folks are cutting the strands of the web to isolate themselves - the way a spider silk-wraps entangled prey.

I never learned very much from anyone with whom I agreed so far as I can recall. Thanx to this delinking brouhaha, I've discovered a few interesting & often challenging blogs to read - A Small Victory and Arthur Silber's Light of Reason included.

For which I am thankful. Happy turkey-bird day, kiddo.

I grew up in a die-hard, don't bother me with the facts conservative household.

Not everyone holds the same views, nor would I want them to.

Differences of opinions are good, as long as there is thought behind them.

i saw that, i read that, and my head nearly exploded, i was rendered quite speechless. thanks for expressing what i would have, had i still been able to communicate beyond ... aaaargh! ...

let's read each other and learn, yes? yes.

Delink me! Delink me!

Sheesh.....back to high school again.

Proud member of the "IP Banned by Jen Brigade" stepping up. I made the mistake of pointing out that the Crusades and Inquisition weren't peaceful expressions of Christianity - oh boy, she didn't like that.

But then again, with her childish behavior today, I won't say I'm surprised.

Oh, and IP banning doesn't prevent people from viewing the site - just posting comments - but there are ways around that too.

Holy crap, talk about painting with broad strokes. I don't see how anyone can read the description by "the blogger in question" and take her seriously. The "I'm right, and if you disagree then you're wrong and you suck" approach to politics doesn't usually get very far in meaningful discussions about reality. The only thing worse than astrologers declaring only 12 kinds of people in the world, are zealots claiming that there are only two - conservatives and liberals. Reality can't be shoved into one of only two camps - and I think we all know that. This is definitely much ado about nothing (IMHO) as loing as people keep their credibility in mind, and realize that liberals and conservatives HAVE MANY THINGS IN COMMON.

In a perfect world, people would be open to hearing opposing opinions, and no one would feel the need to yell their opinion no matter how strong the opinion.

As the saying goes, "A closed mind is a small mind."

A closed mind makes a loud "BANG!" when it slams shut.

The owner should NOT be proud.

you nailed it on the head. some people can't handle being popular and it goes to their head. she is a classic case of being too full of herself.