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blame america

I do understand these basic concepts about Indymedia: They do not edit or censor what people post on their site. It's basically set up for unchecked self-publishing; and not everyone who posts on Indymedia represents the view of that organization as a whole. They consider themselves the bastion of free speech and as such, they open the door to anyone and everyone who has something to say, even if that something is "I killed a cop."

However, when the front page of Indymedia (not just one of the many subsites, grouped according to location) posts something like this:

There is a long tradition of criminals using mass media to get a message out. But the fact that this was such a brutal murder, and that the confession depicts the crime as anti-corporate, mixed with the anti-corporate stance of Indymedia and its emphasis on empowering people to become the media raises concerns that the line will be blurred in this case. This only serves to distract from corporate media's complicity in murders and violence committed for the benefit of corporations,

I have to take issue with it. In the end it's always about them, and nothing else. It always comes down to their causes, their actions and how every action in the world is a representation of the brutality of America, corporations, the media and the government.

Apparently the murderer wrote to several news outlets, not just Indymedia and its subsites. He also contacted other news sites, including FreeRepublic (original story here)

In the post on Indymedia, he talked about corporations.

Hello Everyone, my nameís Andy. I killed a Police Officer in Red Bluff, California in a motion to bring attention to, and halt, the police-state tactics that have come to be used throughout our country.
Now Iím coming forward, to explain that this killing was also an action against corporate irresponsibility.

In his letter to Free Republic, he took a stance against police officers:

We further demand that our Police Force cease both brutalizing us and in any way abusing their authority over us.

The writer of these letters, if he is indeed the killer, has a very warped sense of personal responsibility, and he alone is responsible for this murder, and I don't mean to imply that Indymedia had anything to do with it.

But their complicity - or lack of - begins and ends there. Most of the people that post on the IMC threads do represent the ideals of IMC collectively. And it didn't take long for them to come out of the woodwork and start looking for root causes as to the killer's actions.

The first post brings out the phrase Manchurian Candidate. That didn't take long.

This incident seems to do a perfect job of associating anti-corporate activism with terrorism. Hmmmm. . . Now who would have an interest in propagating this kind of idea. But no spook would ever try to set up activists in a bad light would they?..

Nor did it take long to drag out the "trained by the USA" line:

Meanwhile, the guy claims to be "a graduate of the U.S. Army Ranger School, Airborne School, and Jungle Operations Training School." Now if this is true, THAT'S THREE CONNECTIONS. Someone should get busy trying to figure out if this guy really is a US-military-trained killer, what his history is, etc.

USA seems to have a big problem with people it trains to kill non-Americans on behalf of corporate interests coming home and killing Americans for their own interests and purposes. They may be Manchurian Candidates, or they may just be bad apples - unintended side effects of the program, whatever.

How about: this man had a skewed sense of moral indignation and took it upon himself to make his protestations known to the government by taking the life of an innocent person?

That would have been clear cut and easy. Unfortunately, to the folks who run and support IMC, police officers are never innocent and there is always an underlying reason for someone's hostility towards corporations, authority and the government.

In other words, don't blame the shooter, blame the the man. The man was holding him down and caused him to shoot. The man was repressing him and stealing his air and killing his babies and diminishing his rights.

And if it isn't enough to just place the blame on corporations and laws that were obviously driving this person insane, you can always turn to the old conspiracy theory train of thought and blame the government.

Of course, that was it. The murdere was sent out their by none other than Ashcroft himself. They brainswashed the poor young man, turned him into a killing machine and then sent him out to kill a young police officer, all to make the anti-war protesters look bad. Of course.

It is the hallmark of the far left to look for underlying causes of blame rather than look destructive acts in their face and see them for what they are.

It's America's fault we are attacked by terrorists.
It's America's fault that people kill police officer.
It's America's fault that Iraqi people live in fear.

The tune has changed. Blame America is the new catch phrase.

Kids doing bad in school? It must be the way America has trained its teachers.

Feeling fat? It's America's fault for forcing you to eat fast food.

Homeless? Jobless? It's America's fault for not offering you better opportunities, even though you haven't been looking for those opportunities yourself.

Stock market down in Europe? Blame America. An activist fell out of a tree? Blame America.

Tripped over your shoelace and fell? Of course, blame America for for allowing such shoddy materials to be made in the first place. After all, the minimum wage is still the same as it was years ago and the people who work in the shoelace factory are tired and hungry and, because they arent' unionized, are constantly being whipped and beaten by their employers and some of those workers, most likely the one who did the quality control on your particular pair of laces was having flashbacks to the days he was beaten by cops for protesting the Vietnam war and he was too distraught, not to mention bruised and bloody, to check that the length on your laces was correct and now that the lace was hanging over the side of your shoe and you tripped, you're going to take on the big companies and sue them to make a moral point for the freedom of shoelaces factory workers everywhere.

I killed a policeman because America made me do it.

Let's see how that stands up in court.


Interesting. I hadn't known he also posted to FreeRepublic. That changes him to just a deranged nut looking for an excuse and some attention.

Good post.

Er, 'changes' him?

I listened to Officer Mobelio's funeral on the radio while I was driving to work today. His father gave a very moving eulogy.

Officer Mobelio was just 31 years old, a husband, and father of a 19 month old boy. He was only working that night because he agreed to fill in for a sick friend.

I don't give a damn what that bastard McCrae's idiot motives were, and neither should anyone else. I just want him extradited, tried, and fried.

What these people don't realize is that if you want to make anti-war and anti-corporate protestors look bad, you don't need to resort to such tactics. If I wanted that, and if I was President, all I would do would be to call for some volunteers out there at to get as many people for a counter-demonstration as possible, and actually challenge the lefties with arguments. If you can beat them with ideas (and you can) there is no need to do anything physically.

The leftist fuckheads who love Saddam, want the U.N. to have the authority over the U.S. government, talk about the nobility of poverty and refuse to allow GE foods to be sent to starving people in Africa have too high opinion of themselves when they think that Ascroft would waste his time trying to discredit them. They've already discredited themselves.


Milodar, you'll never get them to respond to arguments in any reasonable fashion. Once they feel like they're losing, they'll scream fascist corporatist racist nazi and refuse to talk to you any longer. One retard kept claiming that she was not a conspiracy theorist, yet kept telling me that the government planned and executed 9/11 and that I should look up the House of Rothschild if I want to know what's really going on.