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as i was saying

In my thanks to Indymedia yesterday I forgot to include the part about "where else can you find a post from a guy who just killed a cop and thinks it was an moral act of virtue?"


You know, I read MORE now because of the links you provide than I did before.


OMG. You will not believe this.

On the front page of IndyMedia.org:
"Posting On Indymedia Newswire Leads To Capture Of Police Murder Suspect

In a situation that is still unfolding, Andrew Hampton McCrae has reportedly been arrested in New Hampshire for the murder of Red Bluff, California, police officer David Mobilio. Police were led to McCrae after someone used that name to publish an article to the San Francisco IMC newswire claiming responsibility for the murder. The "open publishing" Indymedia newswires allow for anonymous contributions, so the identity of the author cannot be confirmed. The author explained that the murder was in protest of police brutality and corporate impugnity. While some believe the article is a set-up, a local newspaper in Concord, NH, reports that McRae offered the same explanation shortly before his arrest.
There is a long tradition of criminals using mass media to get a message out. But the fact that this was such a brutal murder, and that the confession depicts the crime as anti-corporate, mixed with the anti-corporate stance of Indymedia and its emphasis on empowering people to become the media raises concerns that the line will be blurred in this case. This only serves to distract from corporate media's complicity in murders and violence committed for the benefit of corporations.

David Mobilio was shot once in the head on November 19 while he was refueling his police cruiser. Mobilio, 31, was remembered today by his family and thousands of mourners in the small California town. He was the first Red Bluff police officer killed in the line of duty. "

Okay, this definitely isn't an IndyMedia troll. Check it:

For me, it depends on the cop. If the cop were robbing my house, for example, or attempting to rape my wife, you're goddamn right I'd shoot him, and not have a faint bit of remorse.

As for the good cops out there, I say we stay off their backs and let 'em do thier jobs.

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