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reasons to be thankful, part 2

Today, I am thankful for Tequila.

As Homer so wisely said, alcohol is the cause of, and the solution to, all of life's problems. The solution part is what I like.

Tequila is your friend. Sure, it tastes nasty. But a little lime, a little salt, and everything tastes great. Throw in some margarita mix and it's a party. And tequila, believe it or not, makes for a great Bloody Mary.

Have a headache? Three shots of tequila and you can't even feel your head.

Cramps? One or two Margaritas and the cramps are all but forgotten.

Kids leave you in a state of frenzy? Can't seem to relax after a night of homework, projects and sibling rivalry? Say it with me, then. Tequila!shot.jpg

Many a fight has been solved with tequila as the mediator. Many a night of drunken debauchery between the sheets has been instigated by tequila. And yes, those cleavage shots and wet-t shirt pics you have seen here were all brought to you by tequila.

So raise your shot glasses, fix yourself a margarita or get ready to eat that worm - Happy Thanksgiving, Jose Cuervo!


Michele, Alex Borowitz has transcribed his list of things to be thankful for that aired on NPR last Sunday. http://www.borowitzreport.com/

I'm drooling already, bring on the thanksgiving margarita's - a new tradition in my house!

Have a happy one, Michele...
(and everyone else too)

I'm more of a bourbon drinker, but for slamming, nothing beats tequila. I will toast to you and yours on Thursday. Maybe several toasts.

thanks, tequila for my first and only 3-day hangover.

Have a shot for me, Michele. Have a another for A Small Victory. Have another for each year of life you've lived. Ewww......Maybe just one per decade. Otherwise you'll develop an aversion to the stuff like I did.....


Tequilla is actually one of the few boozes (***BBZZT*** ***BZZT*** NEW WORD ALERT!!!) I like. Whiskey comes a close second. One of the very best drunk stories I know involved Tequilla shots (but I'll save that for my own site). Whiskey gave a hangover so nasty I called in sick that day.

Personally, I'm fond of wine because it's cheap and doesn't sneak up on me the way the hard stuff does. My wife thinks I'm a lush, and I'm getting a disturbing belt around the belly, but it does keep me from killing things, so what the hell.

Subject: Alcohol refrences in the literature of anitquity. In Plato's Symposium, Alcibiades is recorded as having said "There's truth in wine when the slaves are gone--and when they're present too." Meaning, I think, that wine causes you to tell the truth regardless of who might be listening.

One tequila
Two tequila
Three tequila

Ahhh yes! tequila is my friend. Millions of men everywhere are cheering for the boob showing glory that is tequila

I think someone has a lot of Jose Cuervo stock...
Happy Turkey Day!

Ah tequilla....

1 shot = warm feeling down throat and a big smile
2 shots = silly references to flashing boobs
3 shots = quick flashes of boobs
4 shots = shirt comes off, puppies set free
5 shots = running, jumping, touching and pushing boobies up to fogged up glass/mirror to see the marks they leave
6 shots = night night with naked boobies