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do i hear $1,000?

One good thing today:

We are up to $954 dollars in the Feed the IDF fund (see sidebar). Anyone want to round it out to $1,000? Should we try for $1500?

Tanya and I could always start stripping to get donations. I hear that works. Hooters for Hanakuh anyone?


Hooters for Hanakuh anyone?

Is that a trick question?

Why not Pussy for Pizza, Boobies for Burgers, or Dildos for Donuts?

You should found your own charity and make this a full time gig.

You could strip in front of the cameras at Circuit City, and benefit both groups of troops at once!

ah, that explains the $46 donation, then...

Damn, girl! You're gonna be funding small nations around the world if you go Wilde's route or Jessica's.

Will you be putting this out on DVD?

hmmm--if I tried that I'd get paid NOT to strip!