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jose cuervo, take me away

Today is not going as planned.

Instead of relaxing calmly at my desk, working at a slow pace and sending nonsensical emails to Bonnie, I am home with two very sick kids, trying to force WordPerfect documents to open in Word and cursing myself that I got so used to my QuickWords at work that I keep trying to type "lnt" and expecting it to come out Landlord/Tenant.

Let's just say that I am thankful for NyQuil, that chalky pink medicine, plastic buckets and headphones.

Is it wrong to be craving tequila at 1 in the afternoon?


I don't think it is. But, then, I'm probably the wrong person to ask.

How does that song go? "If this is wrong, I don't wanna be right". Something like that :)

Not at all!!! As long as you share!!

Just don't mix it with the pink stuff.... Trust me, the hair on that dog ain't worth it.

I sympathize with the WP/Word problem. Been there, hated that...

Word has the equivalent of Quickwords, though: click on "Tools" in the menu bar, select "AutoCorrect" and make sure the "AutoCorrect" tab is selected. It should be pretty obvious from there (you can do neat formatting, too -- italics, different fonts and colors, all sortsa fun). I suspect Microsoft wants you to use the "AutoText" instead, but screw 'em... this is easier.

Then your only problem will be discovering if WP can understand the new additions from Word. I sincerely wish you luck...

...and I heartily suggest the tequila -- as an old friend always says, it's after five somewhere in the world!

Hope the kidlets are feeling better soon!