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i'm dreaming of a

White Thanksgiving.

If we can't get a white Christmas around these parts, I'll settle for a white turkey day.

I'm watching Snoop Dogg Televizzle right now. Yea, that's right. Televizzle.

Fo Shizzle.


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exactly, uhuh.

and would the turkey come with a gstring and fishnet stockings too?

Yo! That's what I'm screamin! Got me some gin 'n' juice, primin' w/ a 40!


I miss having White Thanksgivings....kind of. Don't miss driving on the ice. But, I do miss that snow. Sigh.

Those who wish for snow don't have to shovel it.

sheesh, spend a week in the hospital & when you come back home, spend an hour catching up on Michele's blog! The redesign is gorgeous, btw, just something about red black & white, eh?

I dig the feed the IDF idea, I'm poor & broke but I've got a cousin in the Israeli air force so I hope Avner gets summa dat pizza (kosher pizza is veggie pizza, y'know, and I'd always avoided it 'cause I love meat on my pizza, but I had some on Fairfax Avenue the only time I've been to LA, and now I don't mind a meatless pizza AT ALL).

New to this site, and couldn't stop laughing after reading "televizzle."

I guess since my address is 125, I'm having Thanksgiving at one tweezy five.