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November 1998

Four years ago tonight I was sitting at my computer, a bitter, angry recently divorced bitch who had sworn off men for all time. I was seriously thinking of going into the lesbianism business.

I was in the midst of month long bout of acute insomnia. To kill the boredom of late night tv, I would often go online and talk to friends. Oh, who am I kidding? I was always on line. On AOL, no less. I was one of them.

So it was 1am and I decided I had enough. I was going to swallow some more NyQuil and try the sleep thing again. I was just about to sign off of AOL when fate intervened.

An instant message popped up on my screen. I didn't recognize the name.

The person asked me a question. From the tone of the question, I could tell that he mean to instant message someone with a name quite similar to mine. I would get that all the time. I politely told him he had the wrong person.

Five hours later, we were still chatting.

One week later we took our chats to the phone.

Four months later, I met him for the first time at Penn Station.

Six months later he moved to New York.

In August of this year we were married.

I'm no longer a bitter, angry bitch. Really, stop laughing like that.

Four years and a million stories between that one errant message and now. Four years and a whole lotta love.

Happy "Day We Met" Anniversary, Justin. You are and always will be my knight in shining armor.


Great Story! Sometimes serendipity really does work, even with AOL as the catalyst :)

See, AOL ain't so bad...

Happy day you met!

Awwww..... :-)

Oh wow. I met my husband online, too. We should start a club or something. lol

Happy "Day You Met" Anniversary to you both. ;)

So much for the bloodthirsty warbloggerbitch.

She has a softer side everyone...

Move along :-)

Wonderful! A hearty mazal tov :)

Happy IM-iversary!


Wow! I met my hubby online in the wee hours of Jan 1, 1998..face to face 1/5/98..married 7/14/01.

and yes...it was AOL. :-)

Congrats! and ain't it grand???!!!

Happy anniversary michele. Love ya

Are you sure I can't talk you into going back down the lesbian path??? :P

Whaddaya mean I have to actually be a lesbian first?!?!?

Congrats! Happy meeting day!

Met my husband online too...it would be interesting to see how many bloggers & readers met their S.O.'s online.

My wife and I also met through AOL. As much as I vilify AOL as "the devil", I do have to give them credit for getting at least ONE thing right!!



congrats on happiness.

What a nice beginning.

Congrats and mazal tov!

all the good chicks met their husbands online. i can't even express how jealous i am. happy for you, sure, but seething with the blackest jealousy. seethe seethe

you mean relationships can actually work for extending periods of time? maybe there is hope..
congratulations.. hope it keeps being happy..

Mucho happiness to you. Always.


I'd like to say I met my wife online, but we were in the sixth grade when we met and the word "online" hadn't been invented yet. Well, at least not meaning what it means today.

It was September 1964.

God, I feel old all of a sudden...

Congrats! I met my SO online, met in person 1/1/2000, and we moved in together in July. I love hearing stories like yours, and happy that there is finally somewhere where the good ones aren't all taken!

Sitting here with tears!!! Happy tears but bitter over the non-lesbian thing!

(fumbles for kleenex)

>>I was seriously thinking of going into the lesbianism business

You mean you were gonna charge for it?

I grudgingly credit AOL for how I met my husband, too. In fact, at one point, we contemplated giving away AOL CDs as wedding favors. We quickly came to our senses and then dumped AOL for greener, stable pastures. Happy anniversary!

That's really sweet. Thanks for sharing, and congrats to the two of you.

Ohhhhhh... so that's my problem. I don't use AOL.

And Michele: Awwwwwwwww.

Congrats Michelle and Justin. Don'tcha just love the internet?

I met my hubby 12/8/95 in a mIRC undernet chatroom. I'm only 5 years older than him though...hehe. Moved 1100 miles on 12/29/95. Arrived in Annapolis on New Years Eve 1995. Married 10/96. Squeezed out my son 10/98. Life is Grand! Love is Grand! Let's make Marguaritas!!!

Awww---that is incredibly sweet! Congrats to you both and may you live happily ever after! :o)