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heh, fairies.

Talking to Austrian Miguel this morning:

Me: So, how do you feel about the elections?
Miguel: I'm fucking appalled, what else. As soon as liberals stop believing in fairies they'll have a chance.


this has to do with sarah, im the one she fell in love with and im the one who cant live without her. you were right about her letting me read her journal. I love her so much i cant describe it. so thanks for giving her the advice. ps i dont think i will ever read what happened with her and mark. not my history. what happens between her and i is the only history that i care aoubt and i hope its perfect

This reminds me, the word pixel comes from the word pixellated, which originally meant confused or confounded by pixies.

I should just like to go on record that I was not necessarily denigrating liberals or leftists in my morning talk with Michele, as I am one myself, in many senses of the word(s).

Hmm. I had thought it came from Picture Element.

I guess "liberal" is one of those relative expressions. For the record, the name of the convervative political party in Australia (yes, I know the original article referred to AustrIA) is called "The Liberal Party". So if Joh Ashcroft moved down under and became an Australian citizen, he would vote liberal.

That just cracks me up.

re pixels, the second explanation is totally possible too, what do i know.

re liberals, it's the same in austria, the rightist party was formerly called the liberals, until part split off and started calling itself the "liberals" while being quite conservative in many ways. the rightist party is now known as the "freedom party."

Mig is correct about "pixilated." Which is not, in fact, "pixelated." Dean gets the point for "pixel."

pixel - 1969, coined to describe the photographic elements of a television image, from pix (1932 abbreviation of pictures) + element.
pixie - c.1630, perhaps from Sw. dialect pyske "small fairy," but West County origin suggests ultimate source in Cornwall and thus something Celtic. Earliest references were in pixy-path "bewilderment," lit. "path on which one is led astray by pixies," and pixie-led "lost."
pixilated - 1848, from pixie + -lated, as in titillated, etc. Revived 1936 by movie "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town."