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pizza update 2

We've hit the $800 mark on the Feed the IDF action. Wouldn't it be nice if, on the first day of Hanakuh, we could have $1,000 to send off to PizzaIDF.org for pizza and donuts?

If you haven't already, and this is a cause you can get behind, please head over to the sidebar and click on that paypal link. If you can't donate and you would still like to send a message to go along with the donations, you can send it to me at michele@asmallvictory.net and I will pass it along to Karen at pizzaIDF.

A big thank you to the members of the Weblog Action Center for making this their cause of the week!


I know this is hardly the time to mention this, because it will seem like I'm raining on your parade, but I read you in IE (Mac and Windows), and I'm having trouble seeing the stuff in the sidebar. It only appears when I mouseover with a weird little click-and-drag move, and then disappears again when I scroll down; if I scroll back up to review your words of wisdom, the sidebar stuff is gone. Sorry to be a party-pooper (I can use party-pooper here without being labeled a dork, right?).

Congrats! Keep up the good work!

I'm using IE on Windows 2000 Pro. It looks fine to me.

Tsk. Michele, don't set your sights too low. What would really be nice is to send $2000 to them next Friday! A grand is a "gimme." Two grand we all gotta work for!

Done! A little more money on the way to $2000!

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