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reasons to be thankful, part 1

I'm working on my second annual Things To Be Thankful For list. I think I'll spread it out over a couple of days this time, saving the real schmaltzy, sugary thanks to family and friends for Thursday.

What better way to start off a week of thanks than with Indymedia? After all, today is their three year anniversary.

Without the tin foil crowd at Indymedia, I would not have so much blogging fodder. And how else would I have known that Paul Wellstone was murdered by Bush operatives, or that it's all about the oooooooilllll? Where else can I go to see Susand Sarandon and Woody Harrelson hoisted up on pedestals and offered up to the political gods and goddesses as future leaders of the U.S.?

They bring us the Culture Jammers - those same people who cry about how bad the economy is and then urge their members to support Buy Nothing Day.

Indymedia, who poses Scott Ritter as a hero, who love Communism, and who think appeasement is the answer.

Thank you, Indymedia, for always giving me something to write about on an otherwise dull day. Thank you for bringing me laughter with your conspiracy theories. Thank you for your Pollyana, idealist views that fly in the face of reality. I can always find something to smile or giggle about when I need a laugh. And on those days when I feel like kicking a little ass, I can always find a story featuring a loonly leftist that needs to be slapped upside the head.

So, happy birthday Indymedia. You are at the top of my Things To Be Thankful For list this year.

And don't worry, guys. That turkey is made of tofu.


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Thanks for pointing me to "Buy Nothing Day."

Friday just became Buy Two Things day for me. We all need to buy as much as we think necessary to negate the effect of those wankers!

Isn't today "Rev your SUV at the stoplight" day?

Of course the Indymedia freaks won't eat turky. It'd be cannibalism!

IndyMedia just might put the National Enquirer and the like out of business.

Indymedia is such a great resource for keeping up with the lunatic Left, like having 24-hour access to a gaggle of maniacs who are crosses between Oliver Stone and Ed of Ed, Edd and Eddie. There's just no telling when some addled, surreal gibberish is going to belly-flop onto their site and masquerade as serious information. Low-brow entertainment at its finest, IMHO.

A nice link through Instapundit.

Indymedia has an article you linked to entitled, "There was never anything wrong with being a communist".

Well, there was never anything wrong with Thalidimide except that it caused thousands of children to be born with terrifying physical disorders not far different from the terrifying societal disorders caused by communism.
Indymedia is indeed something to be grateful for.

hot new design, miss m.

Yes, I love IndyMedia too. Who else would give me more fame than I deserve, falsely accuse me of assaulting a woman and miscast me as a "racist" and "millionaire neonazi"? And the best part about IndyMedia is that it offered these miscreants a platform to libel me anonymously!

Yeah, I saw some of Indymedia's better stuff this w/e on FSTV. They had a 48-hour protestathon giving far too much credit to the protestors. Maddening, and LOL funny, at varying times, one has to wonder about these folks. I especially loved the graphic telling people that 150K+ were in Washington a few weeks ago, meanwhile the voice-over said there were 200K+. Go figure, the figures I saw were around 50K.
www.freespeech.org, not surprisingly this site and public access channel comes out of the People's Republic of Boulder.

Interesting, Indymedia has BND right above AIDS Day. Why not apply BND to AIDS day and call it "F*** Nothing Day"? Should not that help both cases, or would that be too intolerant and judgemental? After all, it is supposedly unreasonable to ask that people refrain from an activity that could kill them, though it is the height of compassion to screed on about another type of mutually argreed upon intercourse (capitalistic shopping). Such dorks.

Who is this "Indymedia" that everyone is talking about?