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morning filler

Watched Evan Dorkin's Welcome to Eltingville during Adult Swim last night.

Final score: 10 out of 10.

Originally I had taken off two points for exploding zits.

One point added back on for the Madman statue in the comic book shop, another point added on for the plot including Boba Fett.

Running a bit late today, back soon with a post about blog cocooning. Don't forget the feed the IDF cause over in the right sidebar.


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That comic book store looked way to close to the one I worked at in my youth. The storefront with the windows, and the stairs off to the side. We didn't take checks or credit cards either.

Blog cocooning? What a tame name for an ugly practice. It almost sounds .... nurturing.

eltingville? Isn't that on Staten Island?