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pizza news

Pizza for IDF is the cause of the week at Weblog Action Center.

For those coming here from WAC, you can look in the sidebar for the donation bar and the link to the original post explaining the cause.

We have so far raised over $700 - that's in just two days - and with that we can feed donuts to an entire company and pizza and soda to an entire batallion.

The donation bar will up until Friday, the first day of Hanakuh, when all the funds will be transferred over to PizzaIDF.org, along with any messages you want to send to the troops.



Now that I got a chance to say something, I can't think of anything worthwhile. Bah.

I've never been prouder to donate to a cause :-) You're doing an amazing job dear...

Isn't it wonderful when bloggers unite for good instead of evil? Congrats on doing so much so quickly! And without boobies... ;-) I tip my bra hat to you!

Excellent work, Michele, and congrats on recognition from WAC.

PS: A Batallion is larger than a Company