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we built this city

What have I been doing all day? Glad you asked.


I've been building cities.

So much crap on the internet, so little time.


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Do they have figures for chalk outlines or dead bodies? How about houses on fire?

I think Amishville's going to be very interesting...

Oh no, I was supposed to finish my homework today..

Is that one of your kids you're drowning in the back there? Working out some issues, hunh... ;p

Thanks so much for reminding my brain of that song that will torture me ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

Santa seems to be looking at that reindeer's haunches a bit lasciviously. ;)

And this is why you don't return my e-mails?

Did the boy drowning in the pond live? How about those Packers? And Broncos? I hate football. By the way love the spiked heal.