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Pizza update

In 24 hours, we (and I mean we collectively) have raised $650 for the Pizza for IDF cause.

So far, we can feed donuts to an entire battalion (300 soldiers) plus pizza and soda for an entire company (90 soldiers).

This will run through Friday, so we can send the order in for Hanakuh. We may be able to throw a party for all of Israel if this keeps up.

Thank you, again to everyone who donated and everyone who linked. Please, don't forget (even if you can't donate) to send me any message you want to send to the troops with the food.


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You're site looks great! And, you rock. But, you already knew that, right?

A belated catchy slogan for the campaign... "Junk-food for Jews"

It just popped into my head right now. I really need to stop working third shift.

michelle, ma belle:
i think what you are doing it is a really nice gesture for the soldiers in the IDF. i know they will appreciate it, because my kid was once a receipent of that type of generosity.
i enjoy reading your blog--you really have an edge dear: that T shirt business doesn't hurt either!
Me, i can sit on my balcony overlooking Har Meggido [Armeggdeon ] and watch the fireworks, should they begin.
Keep up the good work, you really take a bite out of the ass of life!!

I just happened upon this blog, over from the Bunnyblog. I think it's really great what you are doing!