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buy music, support the war!

Remember kids, when you buy music, the war machine wins.

Just as buying drugs supports terrorism, and driving an SUV means you caused 9/11, the folks at Indymedia bring you proof that buying cds and concert tickets help support the war machine.

Quoting from the back cover of the new Godspeed, You Black Emperor album, the loonies bring the six degrees of separation theory to new heights:

AOL Time-Warner is one of the remaining major label record companies and owns Atlantic, Elektra/Sire, Asylum, Reprise, Warner, American, Maverick, and others. It also owns AOL, which is involved in a co-venture with Hughes Electronics Corp called DirecTV. Hughes is owned 100% by General Motors. Hughes merged with Raytheon to form Hughes subsidiary Raytheon Industries. Raytheon Industries makes missiles and bombs.

Sony Corporaton is another of the major label companies. Sony is involved in a co-venture with the US Army and University of Southern California to develop advanced training simulations for use by the Army. Sony's face in this venture is known as Future Combat Sytems.

BMG owns Arista, RCA, BMG and other record labels. The Power Corporation of Canada is a significant shareholder in BMG, and in turn has holdings in Pargesa Group and Groupe Bruxelles Lambert. These holding companies own a stake in Totalfina, which owns an interest in the venture between Hutchinson Worldwide and Barry Controls. This venture produces sundry parts used in fighter aircraft and other miltary vehicles.

Vivendi Universal is the fourth and final major label company, counting MCA, Polygram, Motown, Geffen-DGC, Interscope, and Universal among its holdings. It has an arm called Vivendi Environnement, which owns a stake in Fomento De Construcciones Y Contratas, which in turn has a stake in Espelsa. Espelsa works on mission planning systems for the P-3 Orion aircraft (Lockheed Martin), as well as systems for the Typhoon Fighter (or Eurofighter), made by British Aerospace. Espelsa also works with the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, which produces military aircarafts and bombs, as well as with Alenia who, together with Boeing, makes bombs.

Now, who wants to tell these simplistic morons how we can connect the makers of every car they drive, every computer they use, every cup of coffee they drink, every maker of the paper and markers they use to make their protest signs to some company that is connected to military supplies? Probably in less than six degrees, too.

Will all the Indymedia and Berekeley crowd now stop buying Babs cds and Michael Moore movies? Do they know the connections those cd factories and DVD making companies have to "war machine" corporations?

It is so easy for them to sit there and spout off this nonsense on a daily basis, but when it is turned towards them, they have nothing to say.

Once again, with feeling: Until you all are living in some hippie commune, running around naked, eating nothing but grass and dirt and ridding yourself of any material possessions whatsoever, stick your accusations up your tight, cowardly ass.


so never buy anything else! ever!

except ice cream. and tequila. that should be ok.

What about single malt whisky? Is that okay?

Were I an executive at EMI, the fifth of the four major record companies (Capitol, Virgin, HMV), I'd be demanding an explanation of why my firm was left off.

There are all kinds of possibilities here. All the food you eat is transported by rail and/or truck. The companies that make locomotives, and most of the companies that make heavy trucks, sell to the military. So, if you are a good "progressive", it is your responsibility to stop eating.

Damn, I need to do more to support the Vast Military-Industrial Complex. I'm heading on over to Amazon.com to buy up the entire Grateful Dead catalogue. That ought to underwrite a few plasma-yield weapons, eh?

Michele, shall I start saving the agave plants in my yard for you? I have the special worms, too.

That's just a long drawn out rationaliztion for trading free Mp3s intead of buying music. Free music for peace!

I never imagined that it was all so interconnected! And here I just was worried about the neighbor kid's (and my own) pot smoking contributing to that cocaine lord killing that innocent family I saw on TV the other day.

It reminds me of The Simpsons, where Maude Flanders (may she rest in peace) always screams "won't someone think of the children," whenever a crisis looms over Springfield.

Mike, wasn't that Mrs. Lovejoy?

EVERYTHING you eat, breathe, smell, taste, touch, and look at has holdings in the Great Unholy Evil known as the Defense. Nobody can afford to pay for itself, ultimately. Hypocrisy rules.

I think I'll go listen to my old LP of "No Nukes."

I'm a little disappoited that the little Tofuheads seem to have completely overlooked the numerous ties to RJR Reynolds Nabisco, though. Oh, and Quaker oats.