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that's the spirit

In a little more than 12 hours, we have collected over 400 dollars in donations for the Pizza for IDF fund.

Thank you to everyone who donated or linked so far. Please, don't forget to send along a message to the troops, all messages will be sent with the food. Send notes to: micheleATasmallvictory.net.

Link to the original post, donation link and running total will be over at the sidebar for the remainder of the coming week.

Tanya and I thank you. The soldiers thank you more.



Is there a link alternative to the form button to get to the pay-pal page? The button is fine on PLANETPUCK but it doesn't really work on some other sites I want to link off of.

Bon apetit, guys and gals of the IDF. Though it's not politic to say it, you are the point men in this war and we appreciate your courage and determination. Would that our leaders showed the same.