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memo from the desk of asv

Notes on a Saturday morning:

As of 8:00 a.m., we have collected $283.00 in donations for the PizzaIDF fund. You will be able to find the link over in the sidebar until the end of the coming week. Thanks for all your work, Stacy's complete overhaul of her design. It's gorgeous.

Justin gave me an early Christmas present - The Time Life Best of Beavis and Butthead DVDs. I apologize in advance for any juvenile behavior that occurs here as a result of watching them.

Yesterday, I emailed Joe Zarro, author of that vile piece on joining the military. I sent a copy of what I wrote here, as well as the ensuing comments, and offered him a chance to explain his words. Surprise. I haven't heard from him.

Anyone who has mailed me a picture for a VRWC card and didn't get their card, please send me a picture again. It seems a lot of my mail is off in some Yahoo twilight zone. If you sent me mail and I haven't responded yet, either send it to me again or, if you know I received it, be patient. I'm backlogged and trying to get to it all.

Is anyone else beginning to think that the UN is going to get their way and come back with a report that Saddam plays well with others and is cooperative? I feel a restlessness tinged with unease. I suspect the bravado preceding all this has been just that - bravado.

And please, dear readers, keep sending me any interesting articles or links. You have provide a wealth of blogging goodies for me recently.

Coffee awaits.


Does the B&B DVD show the music videos within each cartoon, or just the cartoons themselves?

Cartoons only, no videos. And the discs are downright user-hostile (there's a bunch of looong unskippable promos when you start up each disc). Still, it includes a ton of classic B&Bs for a pretty decent price so I can't complain TOO much.

Kudos to Michele, between this and having Cheese up in the logo she clearly has impeccable taste in comics and animation :-)

I find it rather amusing that a "suit and tie" outfit like Time-Life is releasing "Beavis and Butthead" videos.
'Tis a strange world we live in.

Love the new look :)

On the commercials for the B&B DVDs, they don't have 'AC/DC' and 'Metallica' on their shirts. Are they erased on the DVDs, also, or is it just for the TV commercial? Also, the commercial says it's a 3 DVD set. Is it 3 including the "bonus" holiday episodes, or does that make it 4?