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Stacy, I'm sorry about what I've done to your beautiful design.

I can only blame the fickleness that takes over my brain when I am PMS.

Don't hurt me, please.


What's the problem? Bitch.

LOL. You two rock.

You talking to me, ho?

Yeah, where's yo blog, beeyatch?!?

I'm still missing half the fun--stuff over on the right continues to only show up in mouse over--with no graphics. The important part--Michele's words, are right where they should be.

Izzat better?

I'm gonna call Jenny Jones, um kay?

This has nothing to do with anything, but...

I think the most annoying phrase in the English language is the phrase "I'll take a pass", as in "I think I'll take a pass on that". Every time I hear someone say thins (usually in a smarmy voice) I'd like to give them the good slap they oh so urgently need.

Nominate me for pointless post of the month

i love all the pics you've been running through at the top... right now it's "cheese" from milk and cheese..
i've read all their stuff...
milk and cheese, we aim to please...
what a riot..

Should I shut up about this? Still got the invisible sidebar in ie5 for the mac. xoxo

I told you, it's the magic mushroom effect, just for you.

But I shall look for an antidote if you're tired of it :)

I'm not tired of it, but I worry that I'll miss something. Of course I worry about that anyway.

Hello. If you are owner of this site, delete this message, please.


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