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money shot

You know what's interesting?

You try to do something worthwhile and you get almost no response.

A post about panties gets 14 comments and several emails.

Dead hamster poems gets 12 comments.

Ask people to help out with a cause and you get no comments. Not one inquiring email.

Ten to one of I had called it Hooters for Hannakuh and posted pictures of my tits we could have fed pizza to all of Israel already.

What about Dicks for Donuts?
Porn for Pizza?
Cleavage for Coke?

Am I getting closer?

By the way, a link to donate is up at the original post.

The great PMS monster has been awoken from its slumber. Just a warning not to take me too seriously.


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I didn't comment, but I did visit the site to see if there was a place I could directly send money to since I don't have a credit card. :)

I spose we could always send ladies undergarments to the IDF...

Hey, I made a smartass comment on Robyn's site, I just hadn't gotten to you yet. :-P

sssh.sssh.it'll be ok.....assoon as you tell me where to put the$,I'm in.So in.Excellent idea and full speed ahead.

"Ten to one of I had called it Hooters for Hannakuh and posted pictures of my tits we could have fed pizza to all of Israel already."

It's funny because it's true =D

I can only speak for myself, but commenting on a post urging contributions is not something I do unless I disagree with the recipient. I might be inclined to donate, but I very rarely am moved to comment.

I love the idea of sending Israeli troops some
Channuka treats, however, does anyone have any
information if the donations are actually making
it to the soldiers?

I'm not suggesting in any way this is a scam,
just that under the circumstances, even the best
intentions might not work.

Please prove me wrong!


I'm going to link it from my sites. I want to say something like "send a pizza and some cheer to the troops on the front line of western civilization." I'm still working on the one liner.

Sorry. I didn't see the donation link before I left work. Just now made a donation from the home computer. :)

Did someone say "hooters"?

I don't know, Michele...you have 23 posts on the original message. Seems like that ought to count for something.

feeling monstrous amounts of guilt
I scanned through the post, thought it was a great idea, but had no way to take more time to comment and keep my job at the same time...

I should have found a way... or I made the wrong choice.

bad eric
bows head in shame

You so should have called it Hooters for Hannakuh. I would have done more hooter shots for you for that!