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apology panties redux

From now on, instead of deleting comments that were just too stupid, ignorant or immature to leave hanging there, I am just going to substitute the comment with either one of these apology panties:

click for supersize

If people don't want to apologize for rude or childhish behavior, I can at least make it appear like they did.

Blogging apology panties. Just in time for the holidays!


This blog gets more and more interesting every day. These panties rock.

Keep it coming... love the smiles! Keeps me from gritting my teeth through this hell called Corporate Employment.

I certainly appreciate your niftiness. :-)

I find it much more fun hitting people with a clue-bat.

at least now i know what happened to my comments :-)
thanks for always giving me something to talk about at lunch

Only two pairs?

OH! I want panties!!!

Bush sucks!
Sadaam Rules!
War Bad!
I love France!

Can I have panties now? Huh, can I? please please please!

Are these panties guaranteed to have been worn by you? They're just no good unless they have been, you know.

I'm confused...
Are supposed to WANT the "apology panties" or NOT want them...?
Are these GOOD panties, or BAD panties????

I will be very careful with my rude and childish remarks here, until I know for sure.

you know, they have thongs and boxers at cafe press. you should consider really selling those. everyone loves them.

they could send in action shots, like at thinkgeek...

Y'know...I find something really funny. First of all, this is a lighthearted post and is certainly not trying to offend anyone, let's get that straight up front. I read a lot, you see. And in my reading I sometimes run into other people who post comments to this (and other) blogs. It's funny, though, when people who post supportive "yeah! me too!"-type comments here, proceed to anti-war blogs and post the same kind of supportive comments to those arguments. Which leads me to one conclusion only: there is some serious butt-kissing going on here. I wonder if the authors of the blogs in question can see through it!

Yeah, me too!

What he said!

So being torn between Fisk's teeth and Michele's boobs poses some....questions?Perhaps some deep-seated malfunction?some serious fence-straddling(and you know how that can hurt)

Chuck: I can get my brain wrapped around the the benefits of kissing Michele's ass in person. I can't figure out what good it does me here. Sometimes I read my own comments on blogs and think, "my oh my, I'm a lamer" but it's just that I want to leave a note of encouragement and appreciation and I'm not always ready with something witty or profound.

EMAIL: kskjei2002@yahoo.com
DATE: 11/22/2002 08:33:10 PM

I want to see the "I'm sorry I offended you, but I still think you're an asshole" panties. I love it!

Those panties are yellow.