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feeding the IDF: a call to action

Update: We still haven't received the appropriate link from the woman over at pizzaidf.org yet, so Tanya set up a Paypal account for donations. We will transfer any funds accumulated over to the pizza site once she sets us up over there. And no, I have no idea why this little button is taking up so much space.

Yesterdayís post about the pizza and donuts for the IDF has taken on a life of its own, as I was hoping it would.

Tanya thankfully took control and sent an email to the coordinator of the effort, who was thrilled with the idea of a group donation. She is going to set us up with our own donation link so we can keep track of how much we donated as a group.

For those who didnít see the previous post, Pizza for IDF is an website that utilizes pizza and donut shops in Israel to deliver food to Israeli troops.

This works on a couple of levels. First, sending the troops a nice little feast would show our solidarity and support. Being that Chanukah starts next week, this is a perfect time to do it, as Iím sure the soldiers would appreciate our well wishes and donations during their holiday season.

Because of the situation in the Middle East, tourism in Israel is at an all-time low. Many local merchants are suffering financially because of this. By using the Pizza for IDF website to send food to the soldiers, we would be giving business to some of these merchants who desperately need it.

You can also send messages to the soldiers with the food. I would like to collect all the messages myself instead of sending them separately to the website, so all of our wishes can be sent together with the food.

I urge you to join us in sending food, warm wishes and support to the Israeli soldiers. If you are in support of this action, please tell your friends, link to this post (and the post that will up at the Weblog Action Center shortly regarding this same thing), spread the word. The more money we get donated, the more soldiers we can treat. It doesnít matter if it is one dollar or forty dollars, or if you canít afford to donate and just want to send a message. Every little bit will go a long way towards bringing a little joy to a weary Israeli soldier.

Please keep checking back here for when I have a permanent link to our donation page. In the mean time, spread the word.

(I think this mission needs a catchy nickname. I was thinking mmmmm donuts, but that was merely for my own amusement. Once I think of a name, I can get started on a button and logo to keep up at the top of my page, and for anyone else to use to link to the cause)


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On a slightly-OT note, has anyone or any group ever considered or discussed organizing a "Buycott" campaign?

When I first learned of Anti-Israel boycott efforts, I wondered why no one ever seemed to campaigned (at least so far as I've heard so far) for a "counter-boycott" in supprot of Israel.

But I'll admit that the term "counter-boycott" seemed...clumsy on the tongue, so to speak. I couldn't think of a better term that could be used--until I recently learned of a campaign waged by 2nd Amedment activists called an "ammo buycott."

"Buycott"--what a novel term, a novel expression.
The OPPOSITE of a "boycott."

I was rather alarmed last April when, in a piece in an issue of The Economist, it was suggested that while another 1970s-style oil boycott was unlikely, the vast overseas-investment wealth of the Arab world (sorry, unable to recall the exact estimated figure [but it was somewhere in the billions of dollars, of course]) might be wielded as an economic weapon; this overseas-investment wealth might be used to back up a Western Leftist/Idiotarian-led "disinvestment" campaign a la South Africa.

The long anti-apartheid disinvestment campaign had something of a tough time, but a similar campaigned back-up by Arab oil-wealth? Backed by vast Arab overseas-investment wealth that was years in the making? And against a far "smaller" country that the West can "afford" (at least economically-speaking) to drop?

And while the author of that piece suggested that this Arab-backed disinvestment campaign was a far more likely course of action rather than another oil-boycott, it was not impossible that such a course of action could be taken in conjunction with another 1970s-style oil-boycott, and/or in conjunction with a "dollar boycott" suggested by Saddam Hussein (he called for Arab economies and other sympathetic countries to dump the dollar in favor of the Euro for transactions).

So far, outside of more calls for anti-Israeli boycotts and disinvestments, I've heard nothing more about such ideas.

But my question is, should the above scenario suggested by The Economist come true--or at least be attempted in some scale--what can supporters of Israel do in the economic area? Yes, I've heard of "Israeli bonds," but what can be done to support companies and businesses that are targetted by Anti-Israel disinvestment campaigns?

Furthermore, why must the Idiotarian schmucks have all the economic/financial spotlight? Are there any groups or websites discussing, attempting or organizing a pro-Israel buycotts? Are there any counter-disinvestment campaigns to speak of?
Anybody know of any businesses or companies in particular we should be supporting by buying their shares and/or patronizing their business?

What about targetting the other side--nothing that can really be done about the sheiks donating their oil wealth, but what about other businesses who either donate to, or otherwise support, pro-terror groups, apologists, or terror-sponsoring foreign regimes? (and who manages their overseas investments anyway?)

What about over here in America and the West (especially Europe)? What kind of boycott- effort or disinvestment-effort can be launched against Idiotarian "bunds" (anybody recall the pre-WWII, pro-German "bunds" in the US? ISTR some commentator here referring to CAIR as a "Muslim bund") here in America and throughout the West? Contrary to their mythology, Leftists--at least their leaders--are children of privilege. And the PC-hold over the culture has been so strong that in addition to paying lip-service, businesses find it convenient to pay protection moneyto Leftist and Idiotarian groups--not mention it making good PR.

If (I'd like to say "When" but now I'm losing hope) Iraq (or Iran, or anywhere else in the Middle East)
is finally liberated, what kind of "BUYCOTT" effort can be made to support their reconstruction and democratization?

In fact, what kind of "buycott" effort can be made in support of the Iraqi opposition or exile groups right now? What about the Iranian anti-Mullacracy oppostion and exile groups? Or what about in support of the war in Afghanistan?

CAn anyone suggest anything?

I am sure that you realize that Yale, Harvard, MIT, etc. have no current investments in Isreali companies, underscoring the fact that the "divestment" campaign is just a new method of demonizing Israel. What you folks should be doing, individually and as a community, is INVESTING in Israeli companies. There is a US based mutual fund that invests exclusively in Israeli companies, and I am its President. Would you like to organize an "INVEST in Isreal event to encourage investment in Israeli companies and add some "teeth" to you efforts to combat the Israel-bashing divestment campaign? I would be happy to help. Please visit www.amidex.com for more info, or feel free to contact me at cgoldstein@amidex.com

I am not sure how Middle East and everything is related to this, but Intel Developer Forum could definitely use some pizza parties. I have been a participant of two IDFs so far, and even though the organization on Intel's part is impeccable, pizza availability in downtown San Jose is horrible. Perhaps this blog action would change the way Intel Developer Forums are organized and the message would reach Craig Barrett.

a pray

hello ,
Let`s 4 hours later, all every one (every human) pray to GOD to disapear the Israel and A. Sharon (it takes just 30 seconds).
because they are very cruel, they aren`t human.

As a result of the Arab terror campaign, there is now virtually no tourism to Israel

What the heck ? Who is oppressing who here ? This land has been stolen in 1947 and since then israelis keep pride at bombing anyone around and saying they are oppressed by arabs.

That's ridiculous.

The arabs lost the land in a war they brought on themselves you ass. Maybe the arabs still find it hard to believe they were beaten by farmers, women, and children that took up arms against them with no organized army, scrounging around and fighting with what ever they could. Find a history book and stop listening to all the hippy liberals that have taught you their agenda's and not the truth you ass.